Thursday, April 9, 2009

It's Official!

I got my Visa in the mail yesterday! Which means in 46 days (in a couple hours that is, but I count today as OVER!) I will be in BRAZIL. Okay well in 46 days I leave for Brazil, I will be in Brazil on the 47th day! I am SO excited!!

To answer all your questions, Sidnei is doing GREAT! He is happy to be home with his family! We are talking constantly of course which is going to send us to the poor house, so we have to stop! But being able to get online and chat online helps a lot too!! But it has been wonderful to be able to talk WHENEVER we want. But I am of course ready to get on with it and move already!!!

Things are going good. Just packing, packing, packing. Saturday I am supposed to have a yard sale to get rid of a LOT Of stuff. I am hoping that this will be possible...we'll see. I'll be doing this by myself so I am hoping that it will go smoothly! Other than that I just work, work, work! I did find a shipping company that will be coming to get my stuff at the end of this month! Woo hoo!!

Now I just need to know from my Brazilian friends...Is there anything I need to bring with me, stock up on, or just something you think would help me in general? Well this question is for everyone really! What are those last minute items I need to ship off so I can have them with me??

**PS Don't mind that it is late at night and I am looking RAGGED (read: exhausted) in this picture!


Anonymous said...

Sunscreen, contact lens solution, shampoo, English language books.

Megan said...

Wow! Congrats on seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!! =)

Nani said...

Just kidding!! I am so excited for both of You!!!! I am sure you are feeling butterflies in your stomach, if not yet, you will soon...

Good luck with the garage/yard sale!!!

Congratulations on the Visa!

Lisa said...

YEAH!!!! So glad things continue to move forward. I am proud of how you are jumping in and getting it done.

Lisa Q

Danielle said...

I recommend:

1. Makeup! Bring a bunch of your favorite brands, because even if they have it here, it'll be like a million reais.

2. Razor blades

3. A Portuguese textbook! You'd be surprised... it's much easier to find a book in the US for English speakers to learn Portuguese. You said you speak Spanish, right? I recommend "Com Licença!" but I found this book and it's just English-Portuguese and it's really great:

4. Tampons (just bein' honest)

5. Spices and any small cooking tools that you're particularly attached to (your can opener, potato peeler, etc)

If I think of anything else, I'll tell you. :)

Another thing in the "just being honest" vein... birth control is almost free here and you don't need a prescription. So not sure if you're worrying about that but just an FYI.

:D Woot 46 days!

Laural Out Loud said...

Yay for the visa!! Even though we all knew you would get it, it must be such a relief to have that step over with.

Books in English are extremely difficult to find, and when you do, they are super expensive, so take as many as you can.

I found the cold medicine there doesn't work very well (and I tried several)- might want to stock up on some Dayquil.

A good thing to keep in mind is that most THINGS in Brasil are expensive, while SERVICES are cheap. If you have a favorite of something, like a face wash, toothepaste or shampoo, then take enough to last you a year.

The sunscreen there is superb. You can get it up to 100, which is next to impossible to find here.

JSue said...

That's great!

BTW, when my hubby is traveling, we sometimes use Skype to talk over the computer (it also has video if you have a camera) It's free to sign up and costs nothing if you call computer to computer. There is a minimal charge to call computer to land line. We used it when he went offshore for a couple of weeks and it was great!

Good luck with the garage sale!

Anonymous said...

I'm really happy for you Steph! And it's great that Sidnei is happy to be back too... sometimes people that get back to the country complain for being there!

I really don't know what you should take with you and you might not took yet. A lot of things you might need you will get there cheap. Get your nails done, cheap, everyweek! hehehe!! You might want to take things you know and are sure we don't have, like certain types of food or cloths, especially underwear and bikinis. You know how small they can be if you are used to a certain type!

And about Nani's comment, the fryer machine.. you might even have a maid, so you want have to wash ot hang your cloths, or ever clean the house or make your bed. I know it sounds lazy, hehehe, but believe after while you will get used to have someone doing those things for you! ;)


LadyFi said...

Goodness me girl! What a saga! So glad to hear that Sidnei is finally home! And that you will be there to join him in just over a month...

Brilliant news!

American in Norway said...

First, You look ADORABLE! I am so excited for you!
Don't forget the Velveeta & peanut butter... (maybe that is just me...)
Looking forward to hearing about your big advanture!

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

YAY!!! 47 days are going to go by really really fast!!

markuza said...

Wow- that's a lot of comments! Congrats on the visa! I was going to mention Skype for the calls, but someone beat me to it, I use it exclusively to call home and my wallet is much happier. Sunscreen really is a good thing to bring, because although it may be of good quality here it is _really_ expensive! The Portuguese textbook is a good idea, but I'd add a good dictionary to the list too.

Carla said...

Feminine products (not good there and very very expensive), sunscreen there is also ridiculously priced and small, peanut butter, a good can opener (I like my pampered chef can opener), any of your us candy that you like as they do not have it there. and be ready to get your nails done often. :)

Krystyn said...

I'm glad things are falling into place!

About the talking...can't you use google chat (with webcams) or even skype?

Ronnica said...

Yay! So much closer!

Tranquility said...

Be sure to carry your toothbrush, a mini toothpaste and anything else you need for a quick refresh... in your PURSE! That's going to be a loooong journey! :)

lovelydharma said...

Yeah! Congratulations. Now just Gracie needs her visa, hugh?
Danielle's list is pretty right on.

If you drink tea bring that. You can get good green tea, but black teas (earl grey, irish breakfast - non-existent).

Sneakers - all name brands are very very expensive. Although you can get imitations from China. I buy new running shoes every time I go back.

Makeup is very expensive here, but I've found the hair care products to be superior and cheap. Just bring enough to last until you are confident enough to got and ask questions in the store or salon.

definitely stock up on contact lens solution if you use it. very expensive here. razors too - very expensive.

Advil. Can't find liquid-caps. I always bring a big bottle back with me.

Favorite kitchen appliances. They are expensive here - blender, food processor, coffee maker -- I still kick myself I didn't buy an ice cream maker before we shipped!

Nani was joking, but forget a clothes dryer. Electricity is too expensive...

Oh! Bug spray! The DEET in Brazilian OFF is not nearly as effective as that bought in the states. And the bugs really bite me so I need it.

your list is getting really long, hugh?!

AkuTyger said...

Glad to see you got your visa, that's great!

I second most of what's said here - sunscreen, small kitchen tools, make up you use everyday, and books in ENGLISH - all very essential. Many things you will initially miss you will learn to live without after the hassle of getting a fresh supply becomes more evident. I am constantly asking for people to send/bring me books, but I find solace in rereading all the Harry Potters once in a while. I even read the dictionary in the beginning when I was desperate (a small one, I know, it's crazy). One more thing I would add to this list that I only got AFTER I moved here because someone had an extra one that I find I really use every single day is a George Forman grill. I make my bread in it, head up meat in it, cook with it, it seriously is an essential part of my kitchen (beat out only by the blender).

marina said...

what good news for you these Easter weekend praise God!!
I am so happy for you I know it well all work out for you ") marina

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

Yea!!! I'm so glad that Sidnei is with his family and that you guys will be together soon. FINALLY!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I posted some items before but just thought of some more.
Get your dental work done before you leave the US.
Take a few passport-sized photos as you may need them for more documents in Brasil. (That is an understatement! They love documents!)
Electrical plug convertors.
Connection cables for computer.
I must again emphasize English-language books. I was in an apartment without internet, TV or books and I began reading the local telephone directory. I counted up all the English surnames.
I had trouble finding a language book for BRASILIAN Portuguese either in Canada or Brasil. Try looking for one in the US. Or CDs.
I found this useful for practice before I left for Brasil.
Don't take -
Attitudes about how great life is back home.

Ashley said...

Congratulations!!! This is so exciting!! Like I said before: this will be both the longest and shortest 46 days ever!! I don't have advice on what you should take but definitely love on your family and friends before you leave. You will certainly be missed. I'm so looking forward to hear about your new adventures together in Brazil!

Michele said...

Oh Steph ~ congrats on the Visa! It seems to be happening so fast now...maybe it's just me!

Sounds like you have lots of good ideas on what to take with you...I'm sure your list will grow with every day!


Anonymous said...

Yay for visa and for life moving forward!!!!

Fresh Mommy said...

YAY!!!! That is awesome! It isn't that long, but when you're ready to go, I'm sure it can feel like a long time. Good thing you've got stuff to keep you busy. Online chatting rocks and it's free!! Well, besides the cost of internet, but still.. Anyway, congrats on your Visa!


Blissful Babe said...

Oh honey, you look beautiful. Beautifully and blissfully HAPPY!! I am so thrilled to see you so happy. :)


Lori - Blondie in Brazil said...

Just caught this post. Here are a few things I always bring back with me. The lack of them could be based on my location, but after reading other's posts I'm not so sure.

Deodorant - I like solid and they have roll on here, but this has even been brought back for our Brazilian friends who live here.

Razors and shave cream
Hairspray, leave-in conditioner

Lotions and perfumes if you like more mellow or fruity scents. Most here are overpowering and too floral for me except Castanha from Natura and Granada.

Tylenol/Advil - Our Brazilian friends here complain that the kind here doesn't work as well.

Cookie sheets
Quality cooking gadets if you cook like a microplane, veggie peeler and heat resistant spoonulas.

English reading materials. Sure you want to learn Port, but during downtime a magazine or book in English is a life saver. Some can be found in bookstores but cost 2 to 3 x the price.

These are the food things I bring just to have home with me sometimes:
Peanut butter
Almond butter
Steel cut oats
Gummy candy
Dove chocolate

Things you won't need - flipflops! You will have every style of Havaianas at your fingertips for such a great price! :)

Elaine A. said...

I'm sorry I haven't been by to visit in a while. I'm SO excited to hear that you and your man will be reunited. Does this mean you are moving to Brazil? WOW! Can't wait to hear about your adventure!

Wendi said...

I am so excited for you!!!
I know you are counting the days.