Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Go Karts!

The other day we woke up and headed out to the good ol’ Kartodromo! (Or the go kart race track) After a couple of days of really hot weather, it was nice and cloudy, with a bit of a breeze! I was definitely glad! Anyway we had a good time watching the races and they even had a motorcycle show! We took Gracie with us. She was terrified of the motorcycles038 (she always has been, I have no idea why) but loved the kids that came to play with her! 041

I cant help but think how hot the drivers uniforms are! So glad that is 047 not me! They had a DJ there, I'm pretty sure he is from one of the radio stations around here in Ipatinga. He was a lot of fun. He really interacts with the audience, 042 by making fun of everyone of course, and gives away things (like shirts, hats, etc). It is hilarious to watch people running down the hill to get these freebies! He says the first five mechanics to come down will get a shirt .These grown me go flying down the hill trying to beat each other there. Of course, being one who never passes up anything free, if they had said calling all english teachers, I would have been down there in a heart beat!

Anyway it was just a nice day to do something differet. To hang out, eat a popsicle, and enjoy the weather, the show, and my cute little family!

045 046

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Gracie Update

If you remember back in June, Gracie was given the worst haircut EVER .

That was June.

I have been letting it grow back out. I have REFUSED to let anyone cut her hair. Despite the complaints about her hair, despite the fact that it takes me an hour to wash and dry her two times a week, I did not want to cut. EVER AGAIN. And of course that is a little drastic, but we were both scarred after that last cut. Anyway her hair had gotten really long and we had our first really hot day on Friday. She spent all day long laying in the floor trying to keep cool. And I felt like a bad dog momma. So off to the groomers we go.

Someone at work recommended a new place and I am so glad they did! I think she looks so great and they were so good with her!

Without further ado:

Not too short, not too long. Gracie is cool, Stephanie is happy. Win Win all around.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Last Minute Beach Trip

So of course everything turned out fine. By 2 I was in bed and by three I was awake, getting ready, and we were on our way! (and I of course couldn't keep my eyes open the entire way there)

We arrived on Friday with sunny skies! I wanted to go to the beach, but everyone wanted to rest (I always hate the first day rest, it bores me). So we rested. That night we went to Wal Mart. First Wal Mart I've been in since I've been in the states. Even though they had Brazilian products, it still made me homesick. I'm not one of those people that loathes Wal Mart. I miss it's one stop shopping, cheap prices, and who doesn't love People of Walmart's website with the crazy pictures? (but let's get real, no one likes they lines) Anyway we got SO MUCH FOOD. And that was a good thing since the rest of the weekend rained, rained away. I was sad, I was hoping to get a little sun! But seriously people, we ate ourselves silly.

We decided to stay an extra day (and when I say we, I mean everyone else) since Monday was a holiday and no one had to work on Tuesday (and when I say no one, I mean no one but me). Thankfully the rain let up a little (but not the cold) and so we went shopping and took a little walk on the beach.

Tuesday we left early, got home safe and sound (Despite my concerns about dying in a head on collision..) and I went straight to school to teach. I was a tired girl.

The trip was really nice (despite my complaints) and relaxing. Though next time I think a little planning is in order (like checking the weather..since that was everyone's biggest complaint...although I'd like to point out that I did and I knew, but what are you going to do at midnight and you're leaving at 3 am?) We didn't take too many pictures, but here is one of Sidnei and I!

And here is everyone:
Me, Sidnei, Sidnei's Uncle, aunt, and cousin (there is another cousin, but she's taking the picture) my sister in law, and Sidnei's brother!

Good Times...

Friday, November 12, 2010

Somehow I still got the raw end of this deal...

SO we're traveling. Which I should be more excited about. Except that it's after midnight and here I am still packing. While my husband is soundly snoring despite all the PURPOSELY loud noises like banging doors and zipping bags .

So these grand plans to travel were brought to us by my husband's oldest brother. As of two weeks ago the whole family is supposed to go. MIL, FIL, 3 SIL's, 1 BIL, 1 nephew and a bay. That's a lot of freaking pepople.

So this is how my week went...
Me: So what's the plan for this weekend?
Him: I don't know.
Me: Well could you please find out so I can make arrangements with work and plan things?
Him: I'll talk to my brother tonight.

Me: So what's the plan for this weekend?
Him: I don't know.
Me: Well who's going?
Him: I don't know.
Me: Well are we going for sure?
Him: Yeah.
Me: Okay, well find out what's going on so I can plan everything.
Him: Alright.

Me: Are you going to the beach this weekend?
MIL: I don't know. The boys haven't resolved anything.
Me: Well we should find out so we can make plans.
MIL: Yeah

Later Wednesday:
Me: So what's the plan?
Him: I don't know.
Commence blowout here about disorganization and my need to have some kind of plan (even a non specific one would be nice). Decide to teach husband a lesson and let him deal with everything and not plan anything. Like what to pack, what is the weather going to be like, what cars we are taking, who is going where, what to do with the dog, etc.

Thursday night 9pm after I'm finished from school:
Him: So what are we going to do with the dog?
Me: That's a good question.
Him: I tried to call a place for her to stay, but they didn't answer.
Me: Yeah usually those places like to book in advance, you know the day before...or during business hours.
Him: Okay, so what do we do?
Me: Good question.
Insert snicker here as I calculate points on the "I win as usual" scorekeeper.

Of course at the last minute everyone cancels (much to my relief...sorry but it's true) so now it's just the BIL, SIL, me and Sidnei. So luckily Gracie can stay here.

However, somehow I got stuck packing at the last minute. Which was my WHOLE POINT about me needing time to prepare. I work by lists. I don't have a list. So things will be forgotten. And I don't want to hear one freakin' word about it.
And before I sound like a naggy wife, let me just say this about my day:
Wake Up
Clean House
Iron clothes (for like 2 hours)
Eat Lunch
Go to Work
Come home
Eat dinner

This was my husband's day:
Wake Up
Play on the Internet
Talk to his Dad (while his Dad works (he's building a terraco for my SIL))
Eat Lunch
Play on the computer/take a nap
Take Stephanie to Work
*I don't know what happened here since I was working, but it wasn't productive*
Pick Stephanie Up
Eat dinner
Watch TV
Complain that Stephanie only packed Stephanie's bag and didn't think about her poor poor husband who couldn't have possibly picked his lazy butt up long enough to pack his own dang bag...when did his wife become his Momma??
Huff and Puff (while not packing his bag)

So now? I'm packing his bag. Though he claims that when he wakes up at 3 AM he will do it.
But I can tell you how that will go.

Him: Stephanie
Wake UP!
Where is this?
Where is that?
Why can't I ever find anything?? You always move things!

Which will result in a VERY cranky Stephanie. So she is just packing his bag now as to avoid all the huffing and puffing (she hopes).

So again I say:

I don't want to hear one freakin' word.

From him that is.

You all go right ahead, I'm listening!

I feel better now.