Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Itchy Paranoia..

Today has been exhausting...all this week I have been working in the warehouse to get everything together for our sale this Saturday! We are selling all the remnants of carpet, tile, vinyl, and basically whatever is in stock that people want! The problem is our warehouse is absolutely a disaster. So Diane, the girl that works for me, has been out in the warehouse every day for the last two weeks trying to clean best we's a long process. I have been trying to help as much as possible. But you know it's just difficult when there is only two of us in the store...and the phone rings for me all the time..anyyyyyywayyyyyyyyy also because i have to drive two hours every day. Enough of this pity party! Onto the next!

So today I come home, change into comfy clothes, sit on the couch with my laptop, and my cute little doggie, Gracie. Whom you all have previously met two posts ago! So Gracie sits beside me and i am playing with her. And on my dog's pure white snow fur what do I see? Yep that's right. Little black specks. And anybody who has had pets knows what that probably is. FLEAS. ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh. So I sit up, freak out, grab the dog and start to look at her fur. And BINGO. The damn dog has fleas. I grabbed her, grabbed her Kennel and stuck her on the back porch. Poor thing..i am a mean mommy. Except then I grabbed my purse and keys and headed to petsmart!! Flea and tick shampoo? check! Flea and tick medicine?? Check, check. Flea and tick comb??? Check, check, check!! Run Home, and clean the dog. I found 6 six fleas. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. But now they are gone. But poor Gracie is still downstairs on the back porch. I just have to make sure that she does not have anymore. Because we are in a carpeted area. I am just hoping and praying that I caught them in the beginning and they have not grown into carpet or anything. But I think we are okay. Except now I itch everywhere. I know it's paranoia...i think...ew.

Also, it has come to my attention that I need a different blogger name. Mrs. S is not going to cut it. As i have been reading other people's blogs, everyone has a "blog name" and I will admit I am jealous. Soooooo. I am going to think, if anyone reads this ever, let me know if you have an idea. I think I will somehow become more interesting with a more interesting name. Makes sense right?

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Waiting...always waiting...

Just to give everyone an update...

I don't know what's going on with Mr. S. We are waiting for his sentencing date still. They have rescheduled it four times now. Except this last time they moved it, they didn't even bother to give another date. First the judge told us it would not be until November before he would see Mr. S to sentence him, which seems crazy since the longest sentence is six months and since he's already been there five, that would mean that he would have had to have been there for eight months! Anyway then the lawyer got it rescheduled for July 31. Then the lawyer called me the day before and told me that it was continued because he couldn't make it to St Thomas in time (they transfer him from Puerto Rico) except for the fact that he was THERE! I knew because I had talked to him. So I let the lawyer know and he got in rescheduled and they were going to stick with the schedule. He went to court and then they didn't schedule the translator. And because of the nature of the case, Mr. S has to hear the sentencing in his native language because of due process and blah blah blah.

So to continue we finally heard that the date would be August 13th. That's alright only two more weeks, we can handle that! August 13th gets here, we're excited, and then!...I get an email from the lawyer that says it will be continued to August 21st. Alright...well, not thrilled, but it's only one more week. We've already come this far. No problem!

So August 20th gets here, and I get an email from the courts forwarded by my lawyer that says the sentencing will be continued, with no reschedule date yet! My first instinct was to laugh! Of course!..why not? You have done what you wanted all along, why not continue it again?? And of course the lawyer emails us and says we just need to be patient..these things take time...well you know what? That's easy enough to say when it's not your life you need to be patient with! I have been patient! Well I have waited patiently for almost six months now...Im DONE being patient. I'm sick of it. I want my husband home. I want to start my life! I want to be able to PLAN something, anything!

But I know that one day we will get there. One day this will all be over. And I will thank the day it comes.

Stay tuned...

Monday, August 18, 2008

Lessons Learned!

Everyone, meet Gracie. This is my beautiful little shih tzu. She is a year old. Her favorite thing in the world, is for me to fill her bucket with all of her toys, so that she can dump it out and spread out all of her toys around her. The next step is to take each one and push it on me until I play with her for a minute, she drops that toy and then brings me the next one! Her favorite treats are Greenies and Bil Jac liver treats!

And last but not least, Gracie is by FAR!...the biggest pain in the butt EVER!! The past month or so, she has just gotten more puppy than she was when Mr. S first got her for me! In the past month, she has chewed through two perfectly good pair of shoes! My favorite black ones and my favorite white ones! She apparently needs everything to be in balance...And her very newest trick is her ability to find purses! She loves purses! And she has found that they contain pleasures that no one has ever let her have before! She started with pens! She chewed them to pieces and busted ink everywhere! Next she moved on to my blackberry is very professional to have puncture marks all over it! Her latest thing however, is things that she can ingest! For instance, gum. Gracie LOVES gum! In fact I think in the last two weeks, she has gone through about 5 packs. The first came through my purse, next she attacked my sisters purse, where she also went through two packs of BC Powder. Then Kim's purse. It has been great.

Tonight after all of this has come the culmination. It wasn't enough that all of that gum made her ill, did that stop her? NO! But tonight as I was downstairs doing laundry, I came up to her gagging. I seriously did not want to clean up any more puke on fabric. So I grabbed her and rushed her into the bathroom and onto the vinyl floor!! As I watched her making sure she didnt get sick it occured to me that she was coughing more than gagging from getting sick. So as I did some back tracking in my head, I thought she was sitting on the bed being a good girl, but low and behold, there was stuff strewn on my bed from my purse! Among them: my camera (not happy about this, camera important!), my inhaler (already chewed from previous invasions), a pen (ha!), and last but certainly not least, my little pink holder, that holds my PEPPER SPRAY! Sure enough she had chewed on it enough to make it release pepper spray! I laughed and laughed while she coughed and coughed. Mean...maybe. But for Gracie it was well deserved! Maybe she will stop going in purses can only hope!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

So I need to be better about blogging....!

So I am really not so great at blogging. It kind of reminds me of that journal that I am constantly having to catch up! So to catch everyone up to speed....

I am working as a General Manager in NC. We opened another store! I have really enjoyed it so far. Business has been really good and I believe we have a huge amount of potential! I think we'll be even better than the one in Myrtle Beach. The down side is I drive an hour to work every day, which is really not fun. So right now I am pulling a 7-7 every day, which is one of my excuses for not being a good lil blogger! Being a manager is really hard...and I definetly learn new things every day!

Mr. S is still in St Thomas waiting for the courts to decide when they would like to finish up. Right now it is set up for the 21st, but they have continually pushed it back every time we reach that point, so we are keeping our fingers crossed they will go through with it this time. After his 21st court date, he will finally be turned over to immigration so we can get our lives back on track. My immigration lawyer is going to try and get him out on bond so that he can be home with me while we go through immigration proceedings. If we can get him out on bond that would be wonderful! From there, he will either be allowed to stay here with me while we work on his papers, or he will be deported back to Brasil to work on papers there. Truthfully either way, I don't care at this point as long as they allow him to come out of jail. He does not belong there and he is so miserable, it's just awful. Of course I want things to go my way, but we will just see. We remain hopeful, continually in our prayers that things will go well.Mr. S is healthy and he remains in good spirits most of the time! (And for those that don't know, Mr. S and I got married March 8, and we went on our honeymoon to St Thomas. On the way home, Mr. S was stopped by custom officials because of problems with his papers here....or lack thereof.)

Gracie has gotten so big!! She is always driving me absolutely crazy! She has gotten back into chewing again, thus two of my nice pair of shoes that are worn often and now slightly mangled...
She managed to eat two whole packs of Stride chewing gum which resulted in me waking up to my dog having been sick all over my room. Which was just...lovely. She is just soo precious! They tell me after she turns two (she's a year and a week now) that she will be like another dog. I am counting on this...heavily. But don't get me wrong, I love her to death. It's just been a longgggg year.

This weekend has been very nice!! This is the first weekend in a very very very long time, that I have not had to do anything in particular. I didnt need to do anything for anyone, I didnt need to go out of town, and my whole family is out of town. Chels is on her way to Utah with Dad and Kim! And Ashlee is at her grandma's while they are gone! So I had the house all to myself! I have throughly enjoyed myself! I have literally done nothing! All weekend. I finished reading the new twilight book...which I was a little disappointed. I dont think it was as good as the others, but the series was good. And I watched TV. I love project runway! I havent really seen much TV. I also watched "History being made!" as Michael Phelps won his eighth gold medal and sixteenth overall! Also the marathon runner from Romania, she's 38 years old and she beat all those girls behind her! She was so far ahead of everyone! I was amazed! What a wonderful accomplishment for her! I can not imagine the high she must have felt being able to do that!! I was actually emotional watching her finish and then take her victory lap with her country's flag! The olympics are an amazing event!

Okay, so goals: To be better at blogging. And maybe one day...even interesting! Oh yeah, also I want to find some people in Brasil who can let me know if I can survive there for a couple of years if necessary!