Sunday, August 17, 2008

So I need to be better about blogging....!

So I am really not so great at blogging. It kind of reminds me of that journal that I am constantly having to catch up! So to catch everyone up to speed....

I am working as a General Manager in NC. We opened another store! I have really enjoyed it so far. Business has been really good and I believe we have a huge amount of potential! I think we'll be even better than the one in Myrtle Beach. The down side is I drive an hour to work every day, which is really not fun. So right now I am pulling a 7-7 every day, which is one of my excuses for not being a good lil blogger! Being a manager is really hard...and I definetly learn new things every day!

Mr. S is still in St Thomas waiting for the courts to decide when they would like to finish up. Right now it is set up for the 21st, but they have continually pushed it back every time we reach that point, so we are keeping our fingers crossed they will go through with it this time. After his 21st court date, he will finally be turned over to immigration so we can get our lives back on track. My immigration lawyer is going to try and get him out on bond so that he can be home with me while we go through immigration proceedings. If we can get him out on bond that would be wonderful! From there, he will either be allowed to stay here with me while we work on his papers, or he will be deported back to Brasil to work on papers there. Truthfully either way, I don't care at this point as long as they allow him to come out of jail. He does not belong there and he is so miserable, it's just awful. Of course I want things to go my way, but we will just see. We remain hopeful, continually in our prayers that things will go well.Mr. S is healthy and he remains in good spirits most of the time! (And for those that don't know, Mr. S and I got married March 8, and we went on our honeymoon to St Thomas. On the way home, Mr. S was stopped by custom officials because of problems with his papers here....or lack thereof.)

Gracie has gotten so big!! She is always driving me absolutely crazy! She has gotten back into chewing again, thus two of my nice pair of shoes that are worn often and now slightly mangled...
She managed to eat two whole packs of Stride chewing gum which resulted in me waking up to my dog having been sick all over my room. Which was just...lovely. She is just soo precious! They tell me after she turns two (she's a year and a week now) that she will be like another dog. I am counting on this...heavily. But don't get me wrong, I love her to death. It's just been a longgggg year.

This weekend has been very nice!! This is the first weekend in a very very very long time, that I have not had to do anything in particular. I didnt need to do anything for anyone, I didnt need to go out of town, and my whole family is out of town. Chels is on her way to Utah with Dad and Kim! And Ashlee is at her grandma's while they are gone! So I had the house all to myself! I have throughly enjoyed myself! I have literally done nothing! All weekend. I finished reading the new twilight book...which I was a little disappointed. I dont think it was as good as the others, but the series was good. And I watched TV. I love project runway! I havent really seen much TV. I also watched "History being made!" as Michael Phelps won his eighth gold medal and sixteenth overall! Also the marathon runner from Romania, she's 38 years old and she beat all those girls behind her! She was so far ahead of everyone! I was amazed! What a wonderful accomplishment for her! I can not imagine the high she must have felt being able to do that!! I was actually emotional watching her finish and then take her victory lap with her country's flag! The olympics are an amazing event!

Okay, so goals: To be better at blogging. And maybe one day...even interesting! Oh yeah, also I want to find some people in Brasil who can let me know if I can survive there for a couple of years if necessary!

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