Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I know, I know

I've been a bad blogger. There is so much I need and WANT to tell you. I've just not had much motivation. And I've been reading a really good book.

But I've had a really bad day.

And I just wanted to beg for some sympathy say hello and see if anyone is listening.

Gracie got hit by a car this morning. It was so damn scary. I was washing dishes, my MIL and nephew went out to greet the milk truck (they bring fresh milk daily) and Gracie must have followed. I didn't realize. The next thing I knew, she was yelping and ran in the house. An awful, horrible, yelp that was ear piercing. I was so scared, I didn't know what was wrong. Everyone was talking in portguese, my poor dog was hurting....

She is doing alright now, thank goodness. It looks like she is just banged up. The car just hit her it didn't run over her. No broken bones, just abrasions, and very sore. She has been laying on the bed all day. She did drink and eat a little much to my relief.

And on top of everything else, my families drama has followed me here to Brazil. Do they call and say, hello, we are thinking of you. We've missed you so much. Is there anything you need? NOPE. No. They call me to talk about the other and complain. And Im sorry, it's not really my style to air family grievances, but it's been a long day. And I want to complain.

Now I'm watching my poor baby lay there and I'm thanking God that she wasn't more seriously hurt. And I'm taking a deep breath, counting blessings, trying to be more grateful, and hoping that bed time comes really soon tonight.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Best Friends

Gracie has made a new best friend!!

This is our nephew, Israel. Which is pronounced here as Is-hi-el...or at least thats how I pronounce it. And Sidnei hasn't corrected me (which he does frequently, so I must be saying it correctly...)!

Israel fell in love with Gracie the minute he saw her! He was never afraid of her! And Gracie loves him too...except when he pulls on her hair. She in turn chews on his hand.

This picture below is my FAVORITE. How could you not love that?? Gracie keeps a watchful eye on the traffic outside, with Israel by her side!

This is Gracie and Israel playing. No doubt Israel pulled on Gracies hair and Gracie is attacking his hands. A favorite game of hers...

Me and Israel! My new buddy! My favorite is when he has just woken from his nap and wants to be held. He puts his little head on my shoulder, wraps his fingers in my hair and plays with it. He still calls me (and everyone else) Mae (portuguese for Mom)...we're working on titia (pronounced ch-chia, or aunt)!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dear Self,

I just have a teeny little question...


Let's review the last couple of days shall we?

Sister in law's birthday...great time to discover that we should not make ANYTHING when I feel like I am under pressure. Made a two layer strawberry cake. The top layer? Still too warm when I took it out. The cake ended up looking like a volcano, that erupted and then crumbled everywhere. It was grotesque.

Enter 1 hour later. Stephanie decides to make a smoothie with the leftover strawberries. Except apparently doesn't realize that she hasn't attached the blender on correctly, turns it on, and proceeds to break the blender. Thankfully we just needed to replace the piece that turns the blades, but my mother-in-law uses that blender EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. More than once a day. So now she is without blender. That coupled with my strawberry cake and I feel like an idiot. Thank you family for all coming to witness this momentous occasion. What? You're here for your sister's birthday? Oh, yes. Right. Carry on.

Fast Forward to the next morning. Washing Dishes. Take them out to dry. A bowl falls over the other side of the wall. BROKEN. Really? Seriously? Another broken something? So I'm thinking bad things happen in three's right? Okay, maybe that was the last of my breaking things streak.

Don't worry, it's getting better.

I spot my nephew yesterday with an egg in his hand that I am about to cook with. Except I'm washing the pan that I need. But since I didn't want to clean an egg covered nephew I run to take the egg from him. I take it and proceed to let it slip through my slippy, soapy, fingers, right onto the floor. YAY me!

Fast forward to 30 minutes later when I am washing ALL the dishes. One of the cups is sitting on a Tupperware top. I pull it forward, the glass goes backwards, over the side of the counter and SHATTERS all over the tile floor.

I swear, I am not touching anything else in this house. NOTHING. I'm the bull in the china shop here. I do not know what is the problem. BUT PLEASE. PLEASE. STOP. You are making me look like a clumsy, clumsy, American girl, who can not successfully complete anything..that is without breaking things first. You and your domestic goddess have NOT found each other. But here you will need her. Please seek her out, as your Mother-in-law's house will not survive unless she is found.

Hoping for some grace...Lovingly,


Monday, July 6, 2009

Things that married people do...

We cook....err...Or at least proceed to tell each other how to cook.

Last week, I decided that I would cook "American" spaghetti for Sidnei's family. I guess I should really just call it, my spaghetti, I suppose spaghetti in itself is not that American. But here in Brazil...at least from what I've had, the spaghetti isn't quite done the same. It has a very tiny bit of sauce and is served as a side, rather than the main course, with rice, and some sort of meat.

So we took the recipe my Dad gave me and did a little more of a spicy spin off! We had to improvise a little because we don't have access to all the ingredients we had at home, but everything worked out perfect! We had a lot of fun telling each other what to do and made quite the mess! I think we spent more time washing dishes than actually cooking! The results turned out fantastic and I think we'll have to do it again soon!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

My patriotism is something that has run strong within me since I was a child. I owe learning my patriotic songs by heart to my first grade teacher, Mrs. Copley. She was probably the most strict teacher I've ever had, but we learned a lot from her. And patriotism was one of them. Every morning we sang the national anthem, My Country 'Tis of Thee, This Land is Your Land,and a few others.

I have fond memories of going on base to the movie theater, and standing before every show with my hand over my heart, singing the national anthem. The same with going to the Richmond Brave games. Standing every day before the official school day started and saying the pledge of allegiance. I have always loved learning American History and more particularly about the individuals that made history for our country.

Fourth of July has always been such a fun day. Growing up, we had block parties, or we grilled out with the neighbors, went to the pool, and we would go to Meherrin to watch the fireworks at the old drive in theater, or the side of the road, wherever you could find a place! There were sparklers and late nights. Running around with the neighborhood friends relishing the fact that we were out late. Sticky, watermelon hands...and truthfully not much has changed. I grew up, but we did the same things on the fourth, though sometimes the scenery was different.

All of these great memories that instilled my patriotism, could have never prepared me for the immense pride I would have as an American living outside the United States. My heart is swollen with the love I have of a country that has given me so much and provided so many opportunities.

Today, I find myself a little homesick, wishing I was celebrating with my family and friends. Today, I find myself, hoping that one day, together, Sidnei and I will have the opportunity to return and live in the United States. Because no matter how well I adjust to living here in Brazil and no matter how much I love it here...I'll always long for a warm summer night on a wrap around porch, watching 24 hours of A Christmas Story wishing for a white Christmas, and 4th of July with the smell of the grill, sparklers, and sticky watermelon hands.

OH, and Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

They love me, they really love me!

Monday, I woke up. It was not a happy Monday morning..and not the usual Monday blues. Nope. I was itching. ALL OVER. Seems during the night, I had gotten hot. So I took the covers off. Which resulted in the blood suckers (and I am not talking about the good kind) hunted my scent down and devoured me. My arms, my legs, my stomach, I am covered in mosquito bites. And I happen to be highly allergic to them so I itch like a mad woman. For weeks.

Through his laughter, my husband said I needed to wear repellent. To which my reply was that I do. Every day. I spray myself with it quite often. When I get up. After I shower. After I eat lunch. Before dinner. Before I go to bed. I am a little worried that it's too much and that I myself will start to be toxic...ANYWAY, after he was finished laughing because I was miserable, itchy, and on the verge of tears , he felt sorry for me.

Because this isn't even the worst of it:

So before my window looked like this:

And when Sidnei came home after work, this is what he did:

And now my window looks like this:

And now this is the picture of a happy girl:

Because now she doesn't worry mosquitos will eat her or that she will eat a spider and she can be cover free!