Sunday, March 28, 2010

My New Ride


Saturday was a great day for Sidnei and I. We started off the day by going to Centro to measure a job for Sidnei and then we just goofed off together running errands.

Somehow we ended up in the bike shop…and then we each ended up with a bike. I felt like a little kid, but I was so excited. So here is my Caloi Ventura Aro 26, silver and lilac. Complete with bell. And her basket on the front. A must.


Somehow my husband ended up with this speed bike. Why, I have NO idea. He just liked it. Never mind the cost factor. I made him promise me he’d use it. However, I have a feeling it will end up like my Dad’s very expensive bike. Hanging out in the garage, dry rotting, with NO ONE allowed to use it. When asked about it, swears it gets used, and it’s HIS! So we’ll see.

sid bike 

I’m just glad he has a bike again. He complained ALL THE TIME about the one I left in Myrtle Beach that I had bought him. Guess how many times that one got used? Other than the night I gave it to him? Try once.

I figure it’s a great way for us to spend time together and save a little gas too! Plus when I want to run out quickly (like to grab something from the store, the bakery, or maybe a video) it will be SO MUCH faster than walking. They haven’t been delivered yet, but I’m sure there will be more pictures when they do get here!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

No matter where you go…

There are just some things that don’t change.

Take for instance, people not paying attention when they drive. Or more specifically talking on the cell phone while driving. Problem in the states (albeit slightly bigger in my opinion) and problem here.

How about the sound two cars make when they collide? Nope, it’s the same here too.

Dealing with insurance companies and body shops? PAIN. BIG, FAT PAIN.

So since life never likes things to get to dull, we got a little shake up on Monday.

Sidnei was driving me to work and BAM! This kid runs a stop sign and runs smack into us. But honestly, I KNEW he was going to run that stop sign. How? Because I think everyone crossing over isn’t going to stop. Why? Because of my own accident two years ago. So every single time we cross an intersection with moving vehicles I’m grabbing onto something. I’m a real treat to ride in a vehicle with. 

But do you know the absolute worst thing about getting in an accident? Well there are two things for me. The first one is the slow down. Where you brain literally slows everything down for a second and you can see with the perfect clarity what is going to happen and how it is going to happen. And then the impact. It’s the noise, people. I hate it. It’s awful and literally I have nightmares about it. *insert shudder here*

Thankfully all is well. Sidnei’s back is hurting a little and I have a pretty big goose egg on my shin that is going to give me a good looking bruise on these white legs, but other than that, we were not injured. Neither was the other guy. Our car got the least of the damage. It was hit on the drivers side light and is looking crunchy, but the car still runs and is driveable (unlike the other vehicle which no longer runs). Just not at night because the light is busted. The other thing we have to be thankful for is the other guy had insurance! Which is slightly miraculous seeing as it is not required here and there are many horror stories about people trying to get the money to pay for their vehicles.

So all in all, we are really thankful it wasn’t more serious and that we have an insurance company to deal with (even if they are a pain).

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Unemployment is for the birds…

Beach! 115

See that smile right there? It’s laid back, it’s happy, it’s CONTENT. I love content.

Do you know why I am so content? I’ll tell you.

People, I have joined the ranks of the employed. You are looking at a teacher of Business English, here in Ipatinga. Okay, honestly, what you are really looking at is a girl who is content because she FINALLY got a little time on the beach to read a book, because thank goodness her husband’s uncle came with us, and she didn’t have to listen to, “Why do you like to read so much?” or “How come you don’t want to talk to me?” or “When do you want to go back to the hotel?” GAHHHHHHHHH, can a girl get a little peace to do one of her most favorite things in the world (read on the beach)? Can we get a little self entertainment please? Someone remind me to bring the boy some magazines next time.

Back to the point—I have a job! I’m getting paid! And most importantly, though it’s only the first week, I’m really enjoying myself!

Though as a disclaimer, Sidnei would like the entire world to know (because his breadwinner, man of the house, macho-ness is sensitive) that it’s not because I NEED to work. He can provide for me. I WANT to work. Alright? Good. (Though a little padding at the end of the month never hurt anyone right? Exactly.) Moving on.

I started teaching on Monday, which was quite the surprise. Before we left for vacation, the school called, desperate for another teacher, so I rushed around taking English reading, writing, and listening tests. Interviewing, discussing terms, hours, etc. I was supposed to train the Friday and Saturday before we took off and start the Monday I got back, but they just couldn’t make it happen. So they never called and I just figured they had to cancel it.

Well lo and behold, on the Sunday we got home, I received a phone call from the coordinator asking me if I was still coming to teach the next day. Although surprised…and not really surprised all at the same time (unorganized chaos tends to rule supreme here)…I was still excited and eager.

So I’ve been teaching the last couple of days and I love my Monday and Wednesday group the best. One of the best things for me, is finally being able to teach instead of learn. I have been on a steep learning curve (new city, language, culture, etc) for almost 10 months now. It’s refreshing. I feel like I have some purpose, direction. Friday and Saturday I will spend all day training and next week we will begin “official” lessons.

Seriously, even though it’s just a couple hours a week, I’m so glad to have a job! Staying at home has not been very ideal for me. Especially seeing as I have no house (of my own) and no kids. It’s just me. And when that’s the case…as the title’s for the birds.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Vitória, Espirito Santo

On Saturday night, we made the trip from Ipatinga, Minas Gerais, to the coast of Vitória, Espirito Santo!


In light of recent events (the death of some members of our church who made the same trip) we decided it would be safer if we took the bus instead of driving. The road to Vitória is two lane most of the way with many, buses and tractor trailers. But we are so glad we did! The buses are VERY nice, comfortable, and VERY air conditioned!

Beach! 001

Our bus makes an overnight trip so here we are at 11, getting ready to leave the station! The bus was SO COLD, we ended up using our oversized beach towels as blankets! Next time I’ll remember to bring a blanket!

A little after 6 AM, we arrived in Vitória, though not well rested…it’s not easy to sleep on the bus..not for me anyway. We took a Taxi to our hotel, checked in early, and slept most of the day away! Not before taking some pictures of the view of course!

Beach! 014Beach! 004 Beach! 005 Beach! 006 Beach! 007 Beach! 013

For the next couple of days, we took in the beach…

Beach! 086 Beach! 046 Beach! 050 Beach! 055 Beach! 057 Beach! 073 Beach! 076 Beach! 077 Beach! 079 Beach! 080

We played in the pool…

Beach! 059  Beach! 097 Beach! 108Beach! 098 Beach! 099  Beach! 102 Beach! 103 Beach! 100

We had a great 2 year anniversary dinner at a stuffy Italian Restaurant (we both agreed that we miss Carrabas!)

  Beach! 091

We also did things like eat pepperoni pizza (which I can NOT find in Ipatinga! It was so greasy delicious! Sidnei opted for catupiry (a soft cheese, very good!) and ham)

Beach! 044

We were giddy at the fact that Vitória had a Sam’s club! I thought maybe they would have some American things, and they did have some, but it was mainly bulk Brazilian things, which was fine and still exciting! It also happened to be Women’s Day, so I got a rose too!

Beach! 061

We also went to Vitória’s big shopping mall, that had a BIG Cinemark! Woo hoo! (we have a theater in Ipatinga, it’s small, and we’ve just never been) We went to see Avatar in 3D! As a bonus (for me), it was in English with Portuguese subtitles! It was a really good movie and we both really enjoyed ourselves!!

On Wednesday morning we checked out of our hotel, and headed for a town about 20 minutes from Vitória, called Serra. Sidnei’s aunt lives there. We stayed with her and her family until Saturday night, when we had to take the bus back home! Since they had to work, it was pretty low key, but we had a good time!

One day we took a bike ride. I LOVE this picture below. I was hot and sweaty and did NOT want to take a picture. Is this not the perfect picture of my disgust?

 Beach! 109

Followed by my fake smile…

Beach! 110

We went to a beach called Jacaripe, which we’ve both decided we like better than the beaches Vitória and will be coming here next time!

Beach! 147 Beach! 159 Beach! 174 Beach! 176 Beach! 182 Beach! 117  Beach! 120 Beach! 121 Beach! 122 Beach! 124 Beach! 132 Beach! 133 

We had SUCH a great time! I was so sad to come home! I have missed the beach so much! We definitely spoiled ourselves and it felt so great! Sidnei’s is much more rested and the quality time we spent together was much needed! We can’t wait to go on vacation again!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hello from Vitoria, ES!

Just wanted to say a quick hello!



Anniversary was yesterady. Fabulous.

Beach? Fabulous.

Pool? Going Now.

We are enjoying ourselves so much and this alone time was DEFINITELY needed! I feel like a new girl! Off to enjoy the rest of the time! Pictures when I come home!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Driven to Distraction…

I love getting my nails done here in Brazil. While I don’t do it as often as I should, mainly because I’m lazy and it takes the better part of two hours, it is definitely an experience. Here I get my hands and feet done for 10 reais…or about $6 give or take. Usually I’m pretty boring. I like french manicures. It’s simple, it’s safe, it goes with everything. Today I got a little crazy and told the girl to do whatever she wanted.

And she did just that.

011 008 010

I got hot pink, decorated with flowers, topped off with a healthy coat of color glitter, and toes to match! I have a hard time not looking at them, they are the busiest thing in the room! I feel so very…Brazilian. Though maybe I should say Minera…or Ipatingian…Is it just here? Everyone seems to have VERY busy fingers here. Here More is More. And Less is Less. Though I must say I am impressed with her hand painting with her teeny tiny paint brush! I think though next time I’ll stick with my boring french manicure…I’m so easily distracted….

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Good things are happening people…

Apparently it’s my style to post, post, post and then drop off. Apparently.

So good things are happening!

First things first, I finally got hubby on the moving wagon. Seriously. We are proud owners of these things:

stove fridge

 kitchen cabinets

For our apartment! (Stove, fridge, cabinets)In the next two weeks we’ll be purchasing a washing machine and sofa. I’m hoping that by the end of March we’ll FINALLY be in a place! YAY!

The next GREAT thing is that next week we will be here:



and here:


It’s okay to be jealous. Really. 

The best part???


Our hotel has AC. Bliss people. Pure, cool, bliss.

We are going to celebrate our two year anniversary.

We are going to go see a movie for the first time in almost a year!

So I’m excited. It’s been good things. And I have more good things in the works…another post later this week!


Exciting times people, exciting times!