Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Good things are happening people…

Apparently it’s my style to post, post, post and then drop off. Apparently.

So good things are happening!

First things first, I finally got hubby on the moving wagon. Seriously. We are proud owners of these things:

stove fridge

 kitchen cabinets

For our apartment! (Stove, fridge, cabinets)In the next two weeks we’ll be purchasing a washing machine and sofa. I’m hoping that by the end of March we’ll FINALLY be in a place! YAY!

The next GREAT thing is that next week we will be here:



and here:


It’s okay to be jealous. Really. 

The best part???


Our hotel has AC. Bliss people. Pure, cool, bliss.

We are going to celebrate our two year anniversary.

We are going to go see a movie for the first time in almost a year!

So I’m excited. It’s been good things. And I have more good things in the works…another post later this week!


Exciting times people, exciting times!


Lisa said...

Congratulations!!! How exciting, can't wait to hear all about your new place.

Lisa Q

Blissful Babe said...

How fun and exciting! Congratulations on happening!

I've been remiss as a blogger, myself. I vow that I am going to be around more and then I do for it a week or 2 and then I fall off the face of the earth.

I need to blog more. I really do. So therapeutic. Plus I just miss the stuffing out of my blogger girls!!

Ballerina Girl said...

Glad to hear this... Nice kitchen!!


Danielle said...

yay yay yay~!!

Happy day!!

Mrs. Carioca said...

That's great news! I can't believe you have to bring your own cabinets. How do you even know if they fit? I think my MIL has the same fridge as you. Where are you going for your trip?

Vanessa Rogers said...

I'm jealous!!

Eve said...

YAY!!!! I am so excited for you!! I love that little narrow fridge. I saw one on tv one day and wondered why I can't find one like that here.

What a vacation! And HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Have FUN (and yes, I am a tad bit jealous!)! ;)

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

Oh my goodness...good things ARE happening and I'm so happy for you both. Have a wonderful anniversary celebration!

LadyFi said...

Ah .. bliss! Happy anniversary!