Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dr. Google Diagnoses

So I know it's not good to self diagnose...but I thought I was crazy. Here is the thing, if I wear heels with a closed back, I automatically get blisters. But that didn't use to happen. I have these little round bumps on the backs of my heels. They are hard like bones. I have lost a LOT of weight in the last couple of years. I attributed this to finding lots of bones in various areas I didn't realize I had and are now much closer to the surface.

But lately it's been bothering me more and more. And I'm all, this cant be normal. But what if it is and everyone thinks I'm crazy. So I did what any one I would. I asked google. And google did not fail me!

I have Haglund's Deformity . I am almost 100% positive this is what is going on. It must be aggravated by the fact that now I walk almost everywhere, whereas prior to my Brazil life, I drove everywhere. And I'm on my feet in school during classes most of the time, particularly with the kids. So I guess the first thing I'm going to do is go find some heel lifts (anyone know where I can get those? Or what the name in portuguese would be?). If that doesn't work, it's off to the docs for me!

Monday, April 25, 2011

I have a question

So, here is the thing.

I know everyone is not down with the Masons. Totally fine. My Dad is a part of the organization and I was a part of the daughter's organization in my teens. In the states, it's no big deal. I know people are all, why is it secret and whatever...which I understand.

However, here (in Ipatinga, not all of Brazil) people seem to have this belief that they are a church (they are not), and that they are somewhat satanistic. Um...what? As far as I was concerned, and as far as I was involved, we had meetings and we raised money for charitable organizations and did lots of service projects. So why is it all crazy here? People think it's like really really bad. Does anyone have anything on this for me?

I just got into basically a war with my family. It was not pretty. I was/am mad. Someone help?

Just Because

I can not believe this baby girl will be a year old in June...it feels like only yesterday I became her aunt!

What is it with me and talking about gross things lately?

I remember it like it was yesterday.

The itching. The pain. The swollen eyes. The gook that crusted your eyes shut at night.

Pink eye. (For any of my Brazilian friends reading, pink eye=conjunctivitis)

Possibly put here on this earth as a form of hell.

And here in Ipatinga it is a RAGING EPIDEMIC. All my students have it. All my co-workers have it. Family members have it. And I am going through hand sanitizer like a hypochondriac in a hospital.

Remember that I mentioned I ride a hospital bus to get to work?

Seriously it's like torture. Every time my eye itches I swear I have pink eye. I refuse to touch my face and every time I forget...I curse myself all the while convincing myself that I have given myself pink eye.

However, so far, so good. Knock on wood. Throw salt over my left shoulder. Four leaf clovers, horse shoes and rabbits feet. WHATEVER. Just please for the love of all that is holy DO NOT give me pink eye.

I know this isn't just in Ipatinga, but is it just as bad everywhere else in Brazil? The states?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


In the mornings generally I take the bus to work. The particular bus I take is, unfortunately, on a hospital route. Which means that right now, all the people who are sick are riding the bus. This also means there are a lot of old people on the bus. This also makes for some interesting times. And lots and lots of hand sanitizer. So this morning it was really great. I continued my morning tradition of giving up my seat to a member of the elderly....I just can't watch them swaying and hanging on for dear life in the aisles. People, I ALMOST made it to my stop without a single incidence. And then I hear the voice of an anxious mom (i had my headphones in) Move to the side! She's going to vomit! Cue yucky noise and something wet and sticky all over my jeans and feet. Gotta love public transportation. Happy Wednesday friends.