Monday, April 25, 2011

I have a question

So, here is the thing.

I know everyone is not down with the Masons. Totally fine. My Dad is a part of the organization and I was a part of the daughter's organization in my teens. In the states, it's no big deal. I know people are all, why is it secret and whatever...which I understand.

However, here (in Ipatinga, not all of Brazil) people seem to have this belief that they are a church (they are not), and that they are somewhat satanistic. Um...what? As far as I was concerned, and as far as I was involved, we had meetings and we raised money for charitable organizations and did lots of service projects. So why is it all crazy here? People think it's like really really bad. Does anyone have anything on this for me?

I just got into basically a war with my family. It was not pretty. I was/am mad. Someone help?


Danielle said...

That's really weird. The Masons were really popular where we lived in Hicktown. People generally thought well of them, grouped them with the Rotary Club. They did a lot of charity stuff in Hicktown, too.

Alexandre says there's a vague and misunderstood history/rumor that the Masonry is against the Catholic church. He said he's not sure where that idea came from or what it has morphed into today, but maybe your in-laws heard something like that.

Maybe you can just end the argument by saying "Well, it's different in the US." Good luck

Gil and Ray said...

Dear Stephanie,

I know many folks in the organization in Sao Paulo and in the US, and it is exactly the same thing in Brazil and in the US.
They raise money for schoolarship, vacination campaigns for poor folks, exactly the kinds of things you mention.
I believe in Brazil and elsewhere, due to the fact that they are "super" low key, and discrete, the institution becomes misterious to most people that ignore what they do, so false rumors arise all the time.
I wouldn't stress too much if I were you, not worth it ;)
I will tell you one thing, the masons do NOT have a bad reputation all over Brazil.
In Sao Paulo they have a good reputation and a prestigious one at that, people know you can only join if you are invited by a member.
Folks who join usually benefit from a great network of well conected business people who get together for great causes.
I never heard about the Masons having any religious conotation what so ever.
I hope I helped with the information I shared.



Stephanie said...

I dont think it's all of Ipatinga either...I think it's just a lot of ignorant misinformed people. Im going to ask around more tomorrow too.

I know the secrecy is a BIG thing about all the evilness that is supposedly going on. It's just ridiculous.

But the Catholic/Mason thing dates back a loooooonnnngggggg ways. (I was reading about some of it over at wikipedia)

Ray- Thanks so much! That does make me feel better, because thats how it is at home! If you are part of the Masons, your social network becomes huge and helps a lot! I assume it is that way here too.

The reason I'm angry is because my family is being really ignorant. They love to listen and hear all the "bad things" but don't want to listen to someone who has actual experience with the organization. I'm just frustrated. Mainly because I dont like hearing people say anyone associated with Masons doesn't believe/serve God.


Thanks friends

Ballerina Girl said...

Wow, sorry...I do not know much about the Masons in the US or Brasil!

But, I did want to tell you, if you get pink eye, go to the pharmacy and ask for Tobrex. It is the eye drops for it...use it about 3-4 times a day for 5-7 days!

Gotta love the freedom you have at the pharmacies there, I miss it!


Laural Out Loud said...

Gilberto says, "Well, people tend to fear what they don't know about, and the Mason's are very secretive." He also mentioned the whole Osiris thing, which connects the Masons to Egyption mythology. Gilberto's uncle is a Mason, and I hope they ask Gilberto to join once we move down there!

Katie said...

Honestly, I knew absolutely nothing about the Masons prior to your post. And I couldn't find much on the Internet (although I didn't try very hard).

Anonymous said...

I'm in the ignorant group too, in terms of never hearing about the Masons before today myself. But nonetheless, I know your living situation and I know how pissed you must be so I wanted to send some love your way and say I miss chatting with you lately...

--just BREATHE--

I heard an expression once "It's better to be happy than to be right." I have to remind myself of that on a fairly frequent basis.

Many times, I find myself in a lot of conversations where I'm challenged about facts about how things are (always cases in which I have personal experience with the topic and they don't)...sometimes easier to sit with a smug smile and a dialogue in my head about how stupid said conversation partner is.

I've found that you can't argue with a "know-it-all" (or dona de verdade as they call it). A little "E mesmo?" or "Ta bom entao" is the more sanity saving exit to a totally pointless discussion.

That Girl said...

No idea. I never heard any Brazilians talking about Masons. Ever.

Maybe there's a movie that portrays them as satanic? I swear Brazilians believe anything they can watch.

Jim said...

Sounds like the problem is intollerant Christians, not the Masons.

Keep in mind that when people hold an opinion that is emotional in nature they are not likely to change their opinion based on reality or the facts.

I like Tricia's advice - better to be happy than right. Sometimes it's the only option.

Good luck with the in-laws.

dancards said...
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rantes said...

The association of masons with satanism dates back from centuries ago , if you search Masonic Satanism on Google there are a lot of results , including the first: "MASONRY PROVEN CONCLUSIVELY TO BE WORSHIP OF LUCIFER, SATAN" , also Search on Youtube and you will find some videos , it is not a thing from Brazil nor from your city.....

In Brazil most people don't know anything about masons and the majority that have heard about it don't have strong opinions about the organization , yes , there are people who associate masons with Illuminati , satanism , antichrist or other bad things , not only in Brazil.

There are basically 2 types of person that relate masons with satanism in Brazil , the first are popular know as "crentes" , which are people that go to evangelic churches , not all "crentes" think bad about masons , only the few ones that go to radical churches that talk bad about any organization that involves mysticism , occultism etc.. they also talk bad about afro-religions such as Camdomble and Umbanda and pretty much about any other religion. The second type of people who associate masons with satanism are people who believe a lot in conspiracy theories and they're usually the same people that say Illuminati dominates the world and that 9/11 terrorist attack was an inside job from the U.S. government.

My advice is that if you find out the family associate masons with satanism due to the fact they have learned that from their church I would recommend you to never argue with them because radical "crentes" will never change their minds about religion , mysticism , faith and these kind of subjects , they are brainwashed by their churches. If you find out they have learned that from researches or rumors from other people maybe you can change their minds about Masons.

Amelia said...

A certain friend of mine (I'll give you one guess) was just lecturing me the other day about how the Masons are Satanic. Something about sacrificing goats for their blood. And I'll also give you one guess as to where she got that info from!

Amelia said...

Amanda said...

First off this was all very interesting to me. I do remember movies (and more than one), but dont remember the names that "refered" to the masons as either satanists or people who would make sacrifices in weird religious type ceremonies. I always just blew it off as like you were saying people going crazy because of all the secret type of actions. But above all you should like others were saying try not to argue to much. Most likely there is little chance you can change their mind and if it is possible it will be by them seeing your life and that you are not satanic and yet were involved with the group.

Anonymous said...

perhaps I have misread your about me, but being that you went to BYU I am assuming your religion and your in laws religion differs. The LDS religion and the Masonic rituals are somewhat similar... which is usually where most of the satanic pagan yada yada stuff come from when people talk about Masonry... so I'm wondering if they accepted that side of you, what's the deal with the Masons?

Than and if Ray says it is kosher it has to be.. it's Ray :)

Anonymous said...

perhaps I have misread your about me, but being that you went to BYU I am assuming your religion and your in laws religion differs. The LDS religion and the Masonic rituals are somewhat similar... which is usually where most of the satanic pagan yada yada stuff come from when people talk about Masonry... so I'm wondering if they accepted that side of you, what's the deal with the Masons?

Than and if Ray says it is kosher it has to be.. it's Ray :)

Anonymous said...

My husband's family is totally into it and while we find it hilarious how seriously his cousins take their tiaras, I've never gotten any kind of a religious vibe from the Rainbow Girls. Like you said--just charity and meetings.

Anonymous said...

Masons are the same everywhere. They are usually a powerful group of men (politicians , businessmen) who get together having secret meetings anywhere in the world. During their lectures they study religions and make several pacts. I think they have 33 steps during the process... you can read books about ex masons from brazil and / or america and it is well explained how it works....
According to the Bible occultism, secret meetings and pacts are curse and disgrace so people who believe in the Bible reprove it.