Monday, April 25, 2011

Just Because

I can not believe this baby girl will be a year old in feels like only yesterday I became her aunt!


Lin said...

They grow up way too quickly :(

Jim said...

You clearly give life to each other.

Nani said...

How cuuute!!! Time does fly. I have two nieces (my brother's daughters) and It feels like it was yesterday that they were just born, now they are 4 and 2. Crazy huh?
That's when I realize that I am getting old, haha (not counting the fact that I already have bunches of white hair and I am only 28.

Stephanie said...

Lin- That and time just flies by!!

Jim--Thanks! That is so sweet! She is definitely the bright spot of my day!

Nani- LOL....mmeeee too. My husband loves to find white hairs and yank them out.. OUCH.