Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Handbags and Hyperlinks!

So I was on Kori's blog, one of my favs and saw this wonderful FREE site where they are giving away 24 free handbags over 24 hours!! Don't you want one?? Go get one!! Im excited! Free = GREAT! Did my hyperlinks work??

A little bit about me

I stole this from the adventures of mrs. newleywed..and if i knew how to make a link I would! But she is awesome and I liked this little survery thing so those of you who dont know me can know me a little better! Any other questions?

The phrases that are in a bold are true….
- I am 5′4 or shorter.
- I think I'm ugly.
- I have many scars.
- I tan easily.
- I wish my hair was a different color.
- I have friends who have never seen my natural hair color
- I have a tattoo.
- I am self-conscious about my appearance.
- I have/I've had braces. Shouldn't have bothered to spend the money! Stopped wearing my retainer, teeth moved back!
- I wear glasses. Well that is I should be! But I havent worn them as often as I should..like now.
- I'd get/have gotten plastic surgery if it were 100% safe, free, scar-free.
- I've been told I'm attractive by a complete stranger. At a gas station in front of my fiance...it was an interesting interaction
- I have had more than 2 piercings. Dont worry dad, they have been taken out and closed up!
- I have had piercings in places besides my ears.
- I have freckles.

Family/Home Life:
- I've sworn at my parents. In my defense, they really deserved it.
- I've run away from home. Although there were many times i wanted to...
- I've been kicked out of the house. And there were many times they would have liked too...
- My biological parents are together.
- I have a sibling less than one year old.
- I want to have kids someday. My husband says four, i think thats funny.
- I have children.
- I've lost a child.

- I've slipped out a "LOL" in a spoken conversation. Not in front of anyone but I was talking on messenger with someone and they wrote something and instead of typing it i said it, and then laughed at myself.
- Disney movies still make me cry. I love Disney!!
- I've snorted while laughing.
- I've laughed so hard I've cried.
- I've glued my hand to something.
- I've laughed till some kind of beverage came out of my nose. Playing Mario Allstars, we were nine, Diana said Oy Mama! when she fell off the cliff and she has an accent so when she said it, i tried to laugh while drinking orange soda. Ow.
- I've had my trousers rip in public. Actually I think they ripped when the guys pulled me outta my car, after the accident (i rolled 3 times, someone pulled out in front of me) but i didnt realize it until they released me from the hospital and it was feeling kinda breezy. My family had a good laugh about it

- I was born with a disease/impairment.
- I've had stitches. Only because of surgery
- I've broken a bone. 6 out of 10 fingers, all my toes, my wrist twice,and my nose-- sprained my ankle and foot, and herniated 3 discs in my back
- I've had my tonsils removed. When I was 23, and it was awful!!
- I've sat in a doctor's office with a friend.
- I've had my wisdom teeth removed.
- I've had serious surgery. Metal shavings removed from eye at 5, wrist rebroken to heal right at 8, back surgery at 16, lap band surgery at 22, tonsils removed at 23
- I've had chicken pox.

- I've driven over 200 miles in one day. Went to college in Utah, drove out there, moved back home, moved my sister back home, every time in 32 hours or less.
- I've been on a plane.
- I've been to Canada.
- I've been to Niagara Falls.
- I've been to Japan.
- I've been to Europe. Paris for the millenium, it was amazing!
- I've been to Africa. But I want too!

- I've been lost in my city. Only in the residential part! There's a lot of country out there!
- I've seen a shooting star. I really miss living in the country where there are no lights!
- I've gone out in public in my pajamas.
- I've pushed all the buttons in a lift.
- I've been to a casino. Lived only 6 hours from vegas and 2 from wendover, we had a lot of fun!!
- I've been skydiving. It's on my to-do list
- I've gone skinny dipping. We had so much fun growing up...there are lots of stories!
- I've played spin the bottle.
- I've crashed a car. 3 actually...1 my fault, 1 i took the fault for a boyfriend, 1 was not my fault....i dont have the best track record with vehicles, i think im cursed actually
- I've been skiing. I have never been so terrible at something in my entire life.
- I've been in a play. Jonny Appleseed in the fifth grade...and i think i was Mrs. Washington in third, and in the ugly duckling in second.
- I've met someone in person from the Internet.
- I've caught a snowflake on my tongue.
- I've seen the Northern Lights. But i REALLY want to!
- I've sat on a roof top at night. There was a door to my roof, it was awesome through high school
- I've played chicken.
- I've seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show.
- I've eaten Sushi.
- I've been snowboarding.

- I'm single.
- I'm in a relationship.
- I'm available.
- I'm engaged.
- I'm married.
- I've gone on a blind date.
- I've been the dumpee more than the dumper.
- I have a fear of abandonment.
- I've been divorced.
- I've had feelings for someone who didn't have them back.
- I've told someone I loved them when I didn't.
- I've told someone I didn't love them when I did.
- I've kept something from a past relationship. i love pictures

- I've had a crush on someone of the same gender.
- I've kissed a member of the same gender.
- I've had sex with someone of the same gender.
- I've had sex with more than one person at the same time.
- I am a cuddler.
- I've been kissed in the rain.
- I've had sex outdoors.
- I've hugged a stranger.
- I have kissed a stranger.
- I have had sex with a stranger.

- I've done something I promised someone else I wouldn't.
- I've done something I promised myself I wouldn't.
- I have lied to my parents about where I am.
- I am keeping a secret from the world.
- I've cheated while playing a game. Monopoloy with my sister when I was little, she wont let it go
- I've cheated on a test.
- I've driven through a red light.
- I've witnessed a crime.
- I've been in a fist fight.
- I've been arrested.
- I've shoplifted.

- I've consumed alcohol.
- I smoke cigarettes.
- I smoke pot.
- I regularly drink.
- I've taken painkillers when I didn't need them.
- I've taken cough medicine when i wasn't sick.
- I've done hard drugs.
- I've been addicted to an illegal substance.
- I can't swallow pills.
- I can swallow about 5 pills at a time no problem.

Mental health:
- I have been diagnosed with depression.
- I shut others out when I'm depressed.
- I take anti-depressants.
- I have had an eating disorder. not diagnosed, but i do eat wayyy to much ha.
- I've slept an entire day when I didn't need it.
- I've hurt myself on purpose.
- I'm addicted to self harm.
- I've woken up crying.

- I'm afraid of dying.
- I hate funerals.
- I've seen someone dying.
- I have attempted suicide.
- Someone close to me has attempted suicide.
- Someone close to me has committed suicide. .

- I can sing well.
- I've stolen a tray from a fast food restaurant.
- I open up to others too easily.
- I watch the news.
-I don't kill bugs. Spiders really freak me out
- I hate hearing songs that sacrifice meaning for sake of being able to rhyme.
- I swear regularly.
- I am a morning person.
- I paid for my mobile phone ring tone.
- I'm a snob about grammar.
- I am a sports fanatic.
- I play with my hair.
- I have/had "x"s in my screen name.
- I love being neat.
- I love Spam.
- I've copied more than 30 CD's in a day.
- I don't know how to shoot a gun.
- I am in love with love.
- I am guilty of tYpInG lIkE tHiS.
- I laugh at my own jokes.
- I eat fast food weekly. maybe not ever week..every other Chick-fil-A is awesome! Agreed Mrs Newlywed
- I believe in ghosts.
- I am online 24/7, even as an away message.
- I can't sleep if there is a spider in the room.
- I am really ticklish.
- I love white chocolate.
- I bite my nails.
- I play video games. .
- I'm good at remembering faces.
- I'm good at remembering names.
- I'm good at remembering dates.
- I have no idea what I want to do for the rest of my life. I would like to have an event planning company or learn photography or something i dont know!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Helplessly, Hopelessly, Recklessly

I have some very exciting news! I gave myself a new title. AND I'm getting a new blog design!! I am VERY excited! So be on the look out!! I can't wait! I am getting some help because I am learning about the blog world (there is so much I don't know!) and I am excited to be an active part in it! Like for instance, can someone tell me how you do the strikethrough word thing? Or how you put in links and use a descriptive word instead of www. ? Help me people! Teach me the ways!

Can I tell you something else?? Managing is not easy! In fact i dont like it one bit. I would much rather be in a selling/designing role...but here I am. I can tell you that I will do it now because it is supporting my family, but I am not doing this forever. I will die of stress by the age of 35. Did you all know that when we are facing economic crisis that people don't really want to do home improvements?? Apparently groceries and gas are more essential or something.

So lately, my life has really been boring. I mean REALLY. I wake up, get on the road by 7 and I am not home until the very earliest 6. It makes for a long day. So I come home, eat dinner with my family, and then I go upstairs, turn on my computer and get into the blogging world for a little while! And I LOVE it! I love to read about your lives, and your funny stories, and what your lives are made of. What I have found is of great significance to me. You are all soo funny!! I love to listen to your anecdotes about your lives, your children! I found that no matter how hard I think my life is in this moment, there is always someone who shares in my pain or who is suffering greater than myself, and usually with much more grace. And no matter what is going on, there is so much hope and happiness in your blogs. I love that, the happiness. It helps me hang on to the fact that, I too, will be able to tell funny stories about my children, that my husband will drive me a little nutty but only because im head over heels, and that I will be helplessly, hopelessly, recklessly in love with my life!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lazy Sundays

I love Sundays!! Our church building in Conway is being renovated, so we are sharing the building with the Myrtle Beach ward, which means we go from 1-4 pm. I love that because I can sleep in and be lazy before I go! And since most mornings I am up very early to travel an hour to work, I love this part!! And truthfully even when I went to church from 10-1, I was lazy when I got back too..Mr. S and I used to eat dinner with my family, then curl up on my couch to watch a movie and sleep..I really miss those sundays....anyway..on to my great laziness..I got to finish the book I have been reading! And it is a great book! I recommend it to anyone! It's called The Guernsey Literary and Potatoe Peel Pie Society. It is a historical fiction book. It is about the one of the Channel Islands that were occupied during World War II. The book is written in the forms of letters back and forth between different characters and their survival of the Nazi Occupation! I think it was genious! I really enjoyed it and even laughed out loud a couple of times and cried during others! I love books like that! Anyway, it was really, really good, so anyone that wants to read it, I dont mind sending it to you after my sister reads it! (And she reads really, really fast, so she'll be done with it in a day). Anyone interested in doing book swap?? Let me know!! Next up: The Duchess. My sister and I fell in love with Phillipa Gregory books: The Other Boleyn Girl, The Boleyn Inheritance, so we are hoping The Duchess will be a good one too, even though it's a different author, same time line. Did I mention I really like to read? It is one of those things that helps me to escape. I fell in love in second grade when I read Black Beauty. Then on to Nancy Drew, Babysitters Club, and Fear Street. Now I love just all different kinds, I love the Harry Potter Series, I thought the Twilight Series was pretty good and I like Julie Garwood (romance) though I have no idea why, I LOVE Nicholas Sparks...my sister says the books make her gag, but I love a good romance. I am so excited to see the movie Nights in Rodanthe(althought I am going to need to find someone to go with)! I also like Iris Johansen (murder mystery with a romance twist), Patricia Cornwell, and a few others scattered here and there! Anyone have any author recomendations, let me know!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Body Type: More to love!

OK, I hope there are those out there that can appreciate this! Those that have been on and off the gym...My co-worker Diane emailed this to me, and I happened to get it on my Blackberry, and while I won't sat where I was...let's just say it was a place where you aren't supposed to be giggling thinking about your trial and errors trying to get back in the gym! Did I mention I am going to start running again next week? Thats right, bright and early Monday morning....ugh.


This is dedicated to everyone who ever attempted to get into a regular workout routine. Dear Diary, For my birthday this year, my daughter (the dear) purchased a week of personal training at the local health club for me. Although I am still in great shape since being a high school football cheerleader 43 years ago, I decided it would be a good idea to go ahead and give it a try. I called the club and made my reservations with a personal trainer named Belinda, who identified herself as a 26-year-old aerobics instructor and model for athletic clothing and swim wear. My daughter seemed pleased with my enthusiasm to get started! The club encouraged me to keep a diary to chart my progress.
MONDAY: Started my day at 6:00 a.m. Tough to get out of bed, but found it was well worth it when I arrived at the health club to find Belinda waiting for me. She is something of a Greek goddess - with blond hair, dancing eyes and a dazzling white smile. Woo Hoo!! Belinda gave me a tour and showed me the machines. I enjoyed watching the skillful way in which she conducted her aerobics class after my workout today. Very inspiring! Belinda was encouraging as I did my sit-ups, although my gut was already aching from holding it in the whole time she was around. This is going to be a FANTASTIC week!!
TUESDAY: I drank a whole pot of coffee, but I finally made it out the door. Belinda made me lie on my back and push a heavy iron bar into the air then she put weights on it! My legs were a little wobbly on the treadmill, but I made the full mile. Belinda's rewarding smile made it all worthwhile. I feel GREAT-!! It's a whole new life for me. _______________________________
WEDNESDAY: The only way I can brush my teeth is by laying the toothbrush on the counter and moving my mouth back and forth over it. I believe I have a hernia in both pectorals. Driving was OK as long as I didn't try to steer or stop. I parked on top of a GEO in the club parking lot. Belinda was impatient with me, insisting that my screams bothered other club members. Her voice is a little too perky for that early in the morning and when she scolds, she gets this nasally whine that is VERY annoying. My chest hurt when I got on the treadmill, so Belinda put me on the stair monster. Why the hell would anyone invent a machine to simulate an activity rendered obsolete by elevators? Belinda told me it would help me get in shape and enjoy life. She said some other crap too.
THURSDAY: Belinda was waiting for me with her vampire-like teeth exposed as her thin, cruel lips were pulled back in a full snarl. I couldn't help being a half an hour late - it took me that long to tie my shoes. Belinda took me to work out with dumbbells. When she was not looking, I ran and hid in the restroom. She sent another skinny vampire to find me. Then, as punishment, she put me on the rowing machine -- which I sank.
FRIDAY: I hate that witch Belinda more than any human being has ever hated any other human being in the history of the world. Stupid, skinny, anemic, anorexic little cheerleader. If there was a part of my body I could move without unbearable pain, I would beat her with it. Belinda wanted me to work on my triceps. I don't have any triceps! And if you don't want dents in the floor, don't hand me the damn barbells or anything that weighs more than a sandwich. The treadmill flung me off and I landed on a health and nutrition teacher. Why couldn't it have been someone softer, like the drama coach or the choir director? ________________________________
SATURDAY: Belinda left a message on my answering machine in her grating, shrilly voice wondering why I did not show up today. Just hearing her voice made me want to smash the machine with my planner; however, I lacked the strength to even use the TV remote and ended up catching eleven straight hours of the Weather Channel. ________________________________
SUNDAY: I'm having the Church van pick me up for services today so I can go and thank GOD that this week is over. I will also pray that next year my daughter (the little brat) will choose a gift for me that is fun -- like a root canal or a hysterectomy. I still say if God had wanted me to bend over, he would have sprinkled the floor with diamonds!!! Send this to a friend who needs to laugh. We all need a good laugh...

...Especially if you are watching the presidential debate like I am!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Oh!! I got tagged!!

Okay, so after my sad post about needing a life, I was reading friends blog and she tagged me!! That's excitingg for me! Thanks Manda!! So here goes!



1. List who tagged you Manda! http://scottyandamanda.blogspot.com/2008/09/kristen-tagged-me.html

2. List 6 quirks

3. Tag 6 other people...Im sorry i dont really know many bloggers! So the only people I have are




1. I don't like food juices to mix! I don't like one food to taste like another. The girls at work make fun of me. I am odd. Also, pickles are the WORST! They invade EVERYTHING! If there is a pickle ten foot away, a food will taste like it.

2. I like to listen to NPR. For Heaven Sakes, I hate to even admit it. My Dad used to drive me crazy listening to NPR and here I am. But when you have an hour commute...! (that is my only defense)

3. I LOVE birthday cake ice cream. With the icing and sprinkles. It is sooo good. And terribly bad for you. If they made it in those really big ice cream tubs that you take to birthday parties, I could eat the entire thing. It's a good thingg they don't. Are these quirks? I don't know? But did you read the previous post that I just posted?? Ok then!

4. PLEASE PEOPLE! Do not make commentary during a movie. The characters cannot react to what you say. They do the things they do because it's a movie. And no, unless it is really really funny, I dont usually laugh out loud during movies or TV (although i think thats more when I am alone...but maybe it's a little bit of both?) Although the rules change when you are watching reality TV with a friend...like project runway.

5. I dont think I could ever have enough purses! And I keep them all! I love them! Different styles, shapes, colors. I just got a shiny red/black Nicole Miller bag. I LOVE it. I saw it, couldn't get over it. And now, it's mine. Thanks to my Momma. She is awesome! But even though I should, I dont really get rid of them. I have an entire HUGE container full of bags. And not all of them are in there. But in all fairness, there are spring pocketbooks (that's right people, it's a pocketbook, get over it!) winter, fall, and summer. Just like clothes. It's just necessary.

6. I carry my camera EVERYWHERE. And even though I don't use it as often as I used to (due to the lack of life...no life, no picture ops...boo.) I love to capture every moment. My kids will probably hate pictures...but one day they will be grateful. (and i am speaking of unborn children for those who don't know) I give pictures as presents as often as possible. My sister is requesting that I give no more picture frame gifts. I am offended. Who doesnt love a GREAT pictures?? For me they are emotional and nostalgic. I want to learn photography. I think I need to. I have always wanted too. I need a class. And a nice camera! Now!

Okay, so are these quirks? Who really knows?? But it is about me! And here I am!

P.S. I am watching Project Runway while writing this, and Kenly...she irritates me. And while she is a great seamstress, all her stuff is the same style! BOO. All her clothes look like the ones she wears. I need some diversity Kenly (and that laugh, *sigh*)!! Bravo to Cato (always great!!, even the seat belt jacket was awesome!). Boo to Leeann. Same as Kenly. Love Jarrell. Boo to Suede (NO 3rd Person! Only 'Just Jack' can do that). David--you expected so much more! You've gone downhill. And none of you care. That is all.

One day it's going to happen!

I have decided something.

It has been very hard for me to blog. And I know why.



Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Prismatic Illusions

Today has been an interesting day. Except that it really wasn't. I had customers that I met with for 4 1/2 HOURS. About Tile. It was excurciating! And REALLY long! For heaven sakes, can I just give you all some advice?? When you go to look at something like tile (or any flooring for that matter), where there are a million different styles, colors, sizes, combinations, etc...do some research on what you like, narrow it down a little bit BEFORE you come in. Or it makes for a long day. Although, I dont like to complain too much because it is my favorite when I can design showers, backsplashes, etc! It's the fun part of the job!

So this morning, I woke up, and it was DARK outside. I was sad. It makes it hard to get out of bed when it's gloomy out. So i started to drive to work, and it was blindingly bright! Two miles later, it was raining, and I was thinking "Of course, right, rain" and just about that time I looked to the left and there it was!! My rainbow. It was beautiful! And it made my day, just like that! Something like a rainbow is so simple, so PURE and just...beautiful.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Rest for the Weary!

Happy Labor Day everyone!! I love Labor Day. Most of them, I prefer to spend on the beach, but today, I have decided to do absolutely nothing. And love every minute of it! It is now a little after 11, I have just woken up. I think we might go to the pool. I am going to clean my room and watch mindless TV. Just because I can. Ha.

However I am totally justified in my laziness because I busted my butt this week at work. Saturday was our big remnant sale! We got there at 730 in the morning and got right to work. About 930 no one had shown up and I was really worried. We got our chairs, brought them out and sat down. We looked like the locals...in our lawn chairs sitting out on the front stoop! It was funny! Thankfully people suddenly started coming in by the dozens! It was great! We really made out good and I am so thankful! It is also all profit, because it's a remnant sale! Also, even more important, we really made some great contacts and just got word out that we're here!

After the sale, I was dog tired! It was hot outside and we really worked our tales off! We got home about 4! I took a shower and rested for a little while and off we were to Hard Rock Park! Ashlee had found out from one of her friends that KC and the sunshine band was going to be there in concert! It was a lot of fun! The music was great, and the park is nice. Not really worth the money if you are just paying for rides, because there really aren't that many, but it's cool to experience it. The illusions ride was really different, but it was neat! And of course I always like the roller coasters! In October I am going to Hallowscream at Busch Garden's and I am excited about that for sure!

Mr. S was able to call me yesterday and I was so glad. I hadn't talked to him in about a week and a half or so. It was soo good to hear his voice. It is really hard for me when I can't talk to him for long periods at a time. I really get funky...but it's just so hard to live life like it is normal, when it's not. When I miss him so much sometimes I can't breathe...I don't know, but just being able to talk to him alleviates some of that. This experience is so hard...but I know that it will make us stronger. We will never take one another for granted and I truly hope that that realization will make our marriage that much better. He is a wonderful man and I know that we can truly have an amazing life together...no matter where we end up.

Just so everyone knows....Gracie is flea free!! I took care of everything that night and she's been good to go ever since. Let's just hope it stays that way. The same night, I had had nightmares all night about fleas. And it was disgusting!!

And last, but not least, in fact the thing I am most excited for isssssss! Baby Lola Beth Perry! Welcome to this world! All nine pounds of you!!!! You are gorgeous and I am so glad you are here! You have amazing parents, so with the amount of genetic amazingness, I know that you are going to shine so bright! And I cannot wait to meet you!! Love you Dari, you are going to be the most amazing Mom. And I would know! You always did such a good job of taking care of me, inspiring me to be a better person! Love you momma!!