Monday, September 1, 2008

Rest for the Weary!

Happy Labor Day everyone!! I love Labor Day. Most of them, I prefer to spend on the beach, but today, I have decided to do absolutely nothing. And love every minute of it! It is now a little after 11, I have just woken up. I think we might go to the pool. I am going to clean my room and watch mindless TV. Just because I can. Ha.

However I am totally justified in my laziness because I busted my butt this week at work. Saturday was our big remnant sale! We got there at 730 in the morning and got right to work. About 930 no one had shown up and I was really worried. We got our chairs, brought them out and sat down. We looked like the our lawn chairs sitting out on the front stoop! It was funny! Thankfully people suddenly started coming in by the dozens! It was great! We really made out good and I am so thankful! It is also all profit, because it's a remnant sale! Also, even more important, we really made some great contacts and just got word out that we're here!

After the sale, I was dog tired! It was hot outside and we really worked our tales off! We got home about 4! I took a shower and rested for a little while and off we were to Hard Rock Park! Ashlee had found out from one of her friends that KC and the sunshine band was going to be there in concert! It was a lot of fun! The music was great, and the park is nice. Not really worth the money if you are just paying for rides, because there really aren't that many, but it's cool to experience it. The illusions ride was really different, but it was neat! And of course I always like the roller coasters! In October I am going to Hallowscream at Busch Garden's and I am excited about that for sure!

Mr. S was able to call me yesterday and I was so glad. I hadn't talked to him in about a week and a half or so. It was soo good to hear his voice. It is really hard for me when I can't talk to him for long periods at a time. I really get funky...but it's just so hard to live life like it is normal, when it's not. When I miss him so much sometimes I can't breathe...I don't know, but just being able to talk to him alleviates some of that. This experience is so hard...but I know that it will make us stronger. We will never take one another for granted and I truly hope that that realization will make our marriage that much better. He is a wonderful man and I know that we can truly have an amazing life matter where we end up.

Just so everyone knows....Gracie is flea free!! I took care of everything that night and she's been good to go ever since. Let's just hope it stays that way. The same night, I had had nightmares all night about fleas. And it was disgusting!!

And last, but not least, in fact the thing I am most excited for isssssss! Baby Lola Beth Perry! Welcome to this world! All nine pounds of you!!!! You are gorgeous and I am so glad you are here! You have amazing parents, so with the amount of genetic amazingness, I know that you are going to shine so bright! And I cannot wait to meet you!! Love you Dari, you are going to be the most amazing Mom. And I would know! You always did such a good job of taking care of me, inspiring me to be a better person! Love you momma!!

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Dari said...

Thanks Steph we love you. You are a sweetie!