Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Oh!! I got tagged!!

Okay, so after my sad post about needing a life, I was reading friends blog and she tagged me!! That's excitingg for me! Thanks Manda!! So here goes!



1. List who tagged you Manda!

2. List 6 quirks

3. Tag 6 other people...Im sorry i dont really know many bloggers! So the only people I have are




1. I don't like food juices to mix! I don't like one food to taste like another. The girls at work make fun of me. I am odd. Also, pickles are the WORST! They invade EVERYTHING! If there is a pickle ten foot away, a food will taste like it.

2. I like to listen to NPR. For Heaven Sakes, I hate to even admit it. My Dad used to drive me crazy listening to NPR and here I am. But when you have an hour commute...! (that is my only defense)

3. I LOVE birthday cake ice cream. With the icing and sprinkles. It is sooo good. And terribly bad for you. If they made it in those really big ice cream tubs that you take to birthday parties, I could eat the entire thing. It's a good thingg they don't. Are these quirks? I don't know? But did you read the previous post that I just posted?? Ok then!

4. PLEASE PEOPLE! Do not make commentary during a movie. The characters cannot react to what you say. They do the things they do because it's a movie. And no, unless it is really really funny, I dont usually laugh out loud during movies or TV (although i think thats more when I am alone...but maybe it's a little bit of both?) Although the rules change when you are watching reality TV with a project runway.

5. I dont think I could ever have enough purses! And I keep them all! I love them! Different styles, shapes, colors. I just got a shiny red/black Nicole Miller bag. I LOVE it. I saw it, couldn't get over it. And now, it's mine. Thanks to my Momma. She is awesome! But even though I should, I dont really get rid of them. I have an entire HUGE container full of bags. And not all of them are in there. But in all fairness, there are spring pocketbooks (that's right people, it's a pocketbook, get over it!) winter, fall, and summer. Just like clothes. It's just necessary.

6. I carry my camera EVERYWHERE. And even though I don't use it as often as I used to (due to the lack of life, no picture I love to capture every moment. My kids will probably hate pictures...but one day they will be grateful. (and i am speaking of unborn children for those who don't know) I give pictures as presents as often as possible. My sister is requesting that I give no more picture frame gifts. I am offended. Who doesnt love a GREAT pictures?? For me they are emotional and nostalgic. I want to learn photography. I think I need to. I have always wanted too. I need a class. And a nice camera! Now!

Okay, so are these quirks? Who really knows?? But it is about me! And here I am!

P.S. I am watching Project Runway while writing this, and Kenly...she irritates me. And while she is a great seamstress, all her stuff is the same style! BOO. All her clothes look like the ones she wears. I need some diversity Kenly (and that laugh, *sigh*)!! Bravo to Cato (always great!!, even the seat belt jacket was awesome!). Boo to Leeann. Same as Kenly. Love Jarrell. Boo to Suede (NO 3rd Person! Only 'Just Jack' can do that). David--you expected so much more! You've gone downhill. And none of you care. That is all.

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Mamasphere said...

I love NPR! Never thought it'd be true, but it's my favorite thing to listen to on my commute home from work. Go NPR!