Monday, September 29, 2008

Helplessly, Hopelessly, Recklessly

I have some very exciting news! I gave myself a new title. AND I'm getting a new blog design!! I am VERY excited! So be on the look out!! I can't wait! I am getting some help because I am learning about the blog world (there is so much I don't know!) and I am excited to be an active part in it! Like for instance, can someone tell me how you do the strikethrough word thing? Or how you put in links and use a descriptive word instead of www. ? Help me people! Teach me the ways!

Can I tell you something else?? Managing is not easy! In fact i dont like it one bit. I would much rather be in a selling/designing role...but here I am. I can tell you that I will do it now because it is supporting my family, but I am not doing this forever. I will die of stress by the age of 35. Did you all know that when we are facing economic crisis that people don't really want to do home improvements?? Apparently groceries and gas are more essential or something.

So lately, my life has really been boring. I mean REALLY. I wake up, get on the road by 7 and I am not home until the very earliest 6. It makes for a long day. So I come home, eat dinner with my family, and then I go upstairs, turn on my computer and get into the blogging world for a little while! And I LOVE it! I love to read about your lives, and your funny stories, and what your lives are made of. What I have found is of great significance to me. You are all soo funny!! I love to listen to your anecdotes about your lives, your children! I found that no matter how hard I think my life is in this moment, there is always someone who shares in my pain or who is suffering greater than myself, and usually with much more grace. And no matter what is going on, there is so much hope and happiness in your blogs. I love that, the happiness. It helps me hang on to the fact that, I too, will be able to tell funny stories about my children, that my husband will drive me a little nutty but only because im head over heels, and that I will be helplessly, hopelessly, recklessly in love with my life!


Dari said...

That is a cute saying!!! You are so cute!

Mrs. De Miranda said...

Truth be told its from a song by Jessica Andrews, but I love the song because that is how i want to feel, the words are gorgeous!