Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hello from Vitoria, ES!

Just wanted to say a quick hello!



Anniversary was yesterady. Fabulous.

Beach? Fabulous.

Pool? Going Now.

We are enjoying ourselves so much and this alone time was DEFINITELY needed! I feel like a new girl! Off to enjoy the rest of the time! Pictures when I come home!


Amanda X said...

Yay! Finally some alone time with the hubby! I hope you're making good use of your time {wink. wink.}

Can't wait to see pictures! Love you!

Sam said...

Oh, so jealous. Happy Anniversary!

Vanessa Rogers said...

Happy anniversary! You deserve a good one!

lovelydharma said...

So happy for you. A little romantic vacation pampering goes a long way, to making you feel normal again in the woolly wilds down here, hugh? (Sort of needing one of those myself!)
Can't wait to see pics!