Thursday, July 2, 2009

They love me, they really love me!

Monday, I woke up. It was not a happy Monday morning..and not the usual Monday blues. Nope. I was itching. ALL OVER. Seems during the night, I had gotten hot. So I took the covers off. Which resulted in the blood suckers (and I am not talking about the good kind) hunted my scent down and devoured me. My arms, my legs, my stomach, I am covered in mosquito bites. And I happen to be highly allergic to them so I itch like a mad woman. For weeks.

Through his laughter, my husband said I needed to wear repellent. To which my reply was that I do. Every day. I spray myself with it quite often. When I get up. After I shower. After I eat lunch. Before dinner. Before I go to bed. I am a little worried that it's too much and that I myself will start to be toxic...ANYWAY, after he was finished laughing because I was miserable, itchy, and on the verge of tears , he felt sorry for me.

Because this isn't even the worst of it:

So before my window looked like this:

And when Sidnei came home after work, this is what he did:

And now my window looks like this:

And now this is the picture of a happy girl:

Because now she doesn't worry mosquitos will eat her or that she will eat a spider and she can be cover free!


Anonymous said...

This is the problem with small cities in Brazil, there are so many moskitos that will drive you crazy at night! Fortunately we do not have this problem in the big cities.


Michele said...

Oh gosh Stephanie ~ I hate mosquitos...but I'm glad that Sidnei fixed up your window!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Tranquility said...


For some reason, mosquitoes don't seem to like me - I rarely get bitten. Maybe all the repellent really will make you slightly toxic - just enough to scare the bugs away even when you're not wearing spray. ;)

You poor thing - I can't even imagine! IS it extra bad at night, or are they a problem all day long?

Lisa said...

Oh my, I am so sorry. That would be miserable. What a sweet hubby to get right on it and take care of the problem.

Tell us about where you are living and what is around you. What is Sidnei's family like?

Lisa Q

Nani said...

Poor you!!! Mosquitoes are bad in Brazil. Those suckers! hehe
I am glad Sidnei made you a screen, it sure will help.

marina said...

you poor thing it must be awful.
I am glad your hubby fix the window for you ")
notice the other blog I went to read it but nothing came up .
hope you feel better soon form those mosquito's..marina

Teresa said...

This sucks!

I'm sorry and But i am so glad you have such a caring husband.

Krystyn said...

Glad S put up a screen for you. Mosquitoes like me, too and it sucks!

Vanessa Rogers said...

they love me too! But boy do I hate them!

Paige said...

Just popped over from SITS! Loved reading your blog. What a fun adventure. I have always thought it would be fun to live outside the USA.

Have a great weekend!

ko said...

WOW! UGHHH I cant stand those pesky insects!!! PAIN IN THE BOOTIE! :) Glad you got the window fixed!!! WAY TO GO SIDNEI

Laural Out Loud said...

Isn't it crazy that screens on windows are practically non-existant in Brasil? Brasilians love fresh air, and I wonder if they think screens somehow prohibit it's flow, lol. Now that you have your screen, next on the list should be an air conditioner!

Natalie said...

Oh gosh, mosquitoes are awful! We had a lot of rain last fall in Memphis, where I went to school, and I had SO MANY mosquito bites! My professor insisted I go to the health center, and the nurse counted 64 - on one leg! For some reason they only liked my left side. I went through so much anti-itch cream.

Here from SITS and I really like reading about your adventure. I'm glad your window is fixed now. Hopefully no more bites!


JSue said...

Mosquitos are really bad here in Texas (you know what "they" say about Texas - EVERYthing is bigger here!!)

Anyway, try putting a little Avon Skin So Soft in your bath water - or just put it on your skin. It always seemed to keep the bugs from biting. (And feels a little less toxic!)

Good Luck!!

mythopolis said...

I got all itchy just reading this!

Sam said...

I'm feelin' you, girl. I am allergic to the skeeters, too. And yes, the bites last for weeks or even MONTHS. Glad you found a solution. :)

Anonymous said...

Ugh! I've had a rash on my arms (maybe pregnancy-induced?) for over a week now and I can't stop myself from itching it. Now I'm scabby and rashy. It's very pretty. Benadryl does NOTHING, but I've found that rubbing ice on the rash works way better than itching does--and minus the blood. I wonder if it would work on bites?