Monday, August 18, 2008

Lessons Learned!

Everyone, meet Gracie. This is my beautiful little shih tzu. She is a year old. Her favorite thing in the world, is for me to fill her bucket with all of her toys, so that she can dump it out and spread out all of her toys around her. The next step is to take each one and push it on me until I play with her for a minute, she drops that toy and then brings me the next one! Her favorite treats are Greenies and Bil Jac liver treats!

And last but not least, Gracie is by FAR!...the biggest pain in the butt EVER!! The past month or so, she has just gotten more puppy than she was when Mr. S first got her for me! In the past month, she has chewed through two perfectly good pair of shoes! My favorite black ones and my favorite white ones! She apparently needs everything to be in balance...And her very newest trick is her ability to find purses! She loves purses! And she has found that they contain pleasures that no one has ever let her have before! She started with pens! She chewed them to pieces and busted ink everywhere! Next she moved on to my blackberry is very professional to have puncture marks all over it! Her latest thing however, is things that she can ingest! For instance, gum. Gracie LOVES gum! In fact I think in the last two weeks, she has gone through about 5 packs. The first came through my purse, next she attacked my sisters purse, where she also went through two packs of BC Powder. Then Kim's purse. It has been great.

Tonight after all of this has come the culmination. It wasn't enough that all of that gum made her ill, did that stop her? NO! But tonight as I was downstairs doing laundry, I came up to her gagging. I seriously did not want to clean up any more puke on fabric. So I grabbed her and rushed her into the bathroom and onto the vinyl floor!! As I watched her making sure she didnt get sick it occured to me that she was coughing more than gagging from getting sick. So as I did some back tracking in my head, I thought she was sitting on the bed being a good girl, but low and behold, there was stuff strewn on my bed from my purse! Among them: my camera (not happy about this, camera important!), my inhaler (already chewed from previous invasions), a pen (ha!), and last but certainly not least, my little pink holder, that holds my PEPPER SPRAY! Sure enough she had chewed on it enough to make it release pepper spray! I laughed and laughed while she coughed and coughed. Mean...maybe. But for Gracie it was well deserved! Maybe she will stop going in purses can only hope!

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Dari said...

She is soo cute and such a little stinker. Cooper is still getting rid of some of his puppy tendancies. But it does get better, he has mellowed quite a bit. She did deserve her little pepper spray, maybe she will learn... or not ha ha