Friday, November 12, 2010

Somehow I still got the raw end of this deal...

SO we're traveling. Which I should be more excited about. Except that it's after midnight and here I am still packing. While my husband is soundly snoring despite all the PURPOSELY loud noises like banging doors and zipping bags .

So these grand plans to travel were brought to us by my husband's oldest brother. As of two weeks ago the whole family is supposed to go. MIL, FIL, 3 SIL's, 1 BIL, 1 nephew and a bay. That's a lot of freaking pepople.

So this is how my week went...
Me: So what's the plan for this weekend?
Him: I don't know.
Me: Well could you please find out so I can make arrangements with work and plan things?
Him: I'll talk to my brother tonight.

Me: So what's the plan for this weekend?
Him: I don't know.
Me: Well who's going?
Him: I don't know.
Me: Well are we going for sure?
Him: Yeah.
Me: Okay, well find out what's going on so I can plan everything.
Him: Alright.

Me: Are you going to the beach this weekend?
MIL: I don't know. The boys haven't resolved anything.
Me: Well we should find out so we can make plans.
MIL: Yeah

Later Wednesday:
Me: So what's the plan?
Him: I don't know.
Commence blowout here about disorganization and my need to have some kind of plan (even a non specific one would be nice). Decide to teach husband a lesson and let him deal with everything and not plan anything. Like what to pack, what is the weather going to be like, what cars we are taking, who is going where, what to do with the dog, etc.

Thursday night 9pm after I'm finished from school:
Him: So what are we going to do with the dog?
Me: That's a good question.
Him: I tried to call a place for her to stay, but they didn't answer.
Me: Yeah usually those places like to book in advance, you know the day before...or during business hours.
Him: Okay, so what do we do?
Me: Good question.
Insert snicker here as I calculate points on the "I win as usual" scorekeeper.

Of course at the last minute everyone cancels (much to my relief...sorry but it's true) so now it's just the BIL, SIL, me and Sidnei. So luckily Gracie can stay here.

However, somehow I got stuck packing at the last minute. Which was my WHOLE POINT about me needing time to prepare. I work by lists. I don't have a list. So things will be forgotten. And I don't want to hear one freakin' word about it.
And before I sound like a naggy wife, let me just say this about my day:
Wake Up
Clean House
Iron clothes (for like 2 hours)
Eat Lunch
Go to Work
Come home
Eat dinner

This was my husband's day:
Wake Up
Play on the Internet
Talk to his Dad (while his Dad works (he's building a terraco for my SIL))
Eat Lunch
Play on the computer/take a nap
Take Stephanie to Work
*I don't know what happened here since I was working, but it wasn't productive*
Pick Stephanie Up
Eat dinner
Watch TV
Complain that Stephanie only packed Stephanie's bag and didn't think about her poor poor husband who couldn't have possibly picked his lazy butt up long enough to pack his own dang bag...when did his wife become his Momma??
Huff and Puff (while not packing his bag)

So now? I'm packing his bag. Though he claims that when he wakes up at 3 AM he will do it.
But I can tell you how that will go.

Him: Stephanie
Wake UP!
Where is this?
Where is that?
Why can't I ever find anything?? You always move things!

Which will result in a VERY cranky Stephanie. So she is just packing his bag now as to avoid all the huffing and puffing (she hopes).

So again I say:

I don't want to hear one freakin' word.

From him that is.

You all go right ahead, I'm listening!

I feel better now.


Tuesday said...

Hi! I'm new to blogging...this may sound crazy but I've been following quite a few expat blogs. I just noticed that you wrote a new blog, and I was like WOW! That sounds like my husband. Like you said, when did I become his mama?!

Vanessa Rogers said...

Hope your trip goes better than the planning :)

Amanda X said...

I'm laughing right now, but only because I can totally see you and imagine this whole situation. I always pack when we go on trips. And I have told Scotty that he can't complain about what I pack. If he's going to complain, then do it your damn self! Luckily he's pretty good and does give a damn about what I pack for him.

Good luck! And I hope you have a fun trip!


Jim said...

Stephanie - remember, you live here now. Breathe. You can't push the river...

Good luck and try to enjoy the trip.


Rebecca said...

I have followed your blog for awhile, don't think i have commented before but this is so funny. I can totally see this happening in my family. Plans are so laid back and unorganized.

Whitney said...

Girl I feel your pain on this one! Too many times I've tried to get details and had to just throw my hands in the air and decide I'll let everyone else worry about it. I hate not having a plan or trying to be organized! You are a better woman than I am. He would have gone with nothing before I packed his bag! (But again, I'm not sure who really would have won because I'd be hearing it the whole time, too.) Hope your trip is fun!

Eve said...

Oh boy.

I hope the trip is a lot more fun than the week leading up to it! ;D

Laural Out Loud said...

When we were in Brazil two years ago for my BIL's wedding, I kept asking my MIL if there was anythin planned that I needed to know about, and she kept saying no, just the wedding. Two days later we were woken up by a frantic MIL, telling us to get ready for a signing ceremony. That had been planned from the beginning. Things kept popping up from that point on and I just gave up trying to find out anything in advance! My revenge was that I would take my time getting ready, and tell them that they should've told me sooner. My husband still lives like this and it drives me batty. On the other hand, he doesn't want me to tell him about plans that I've made until the day of. It makes it easy to just tell him to get into the car, lol. Hope you have a great trip!

Lin said...

Wow...all men are alike aren't they? Everything you described is how things are around here. Although, my husband does eventually pack (at the very very last moment), he always forgets something & then freaks out. Then when that's where I come in & let him I got it, because I packed a few nights before & not in a rush ;)

Hope your trip goes well!

Fiona said...

Have a great trip, Stephanie! I can relate to your post-- hahahahah! Hopefully your vacation will be super relaxing and you'll be able to laugh about all this soon!

Chris said...

Stephanie, I can tell you that I seriously doubt it's a "Brazilian thing". It's a man thing! Speaking for my own self, I can be the same way at times. My Brazilian wife is the opposite of me in that regards. She will have everything planned down to the last detail. I, on the other hand, tend to wait until the last minute to start packing my luggage, getting the car gassed up, whatever is needed. I guess I think I'll have time to do it when the day comes...and it NEVER works out that way! LOL! She gets mad from time to time...go figure! Like Jim said....BREATHE....


Kyle said...

Why, this conversation sounds so familiar. I believe I've had the exact same one a time or THOUSAND with my own Chilean husband!