Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Go Karts!

The other day we woke up and headed out to the good ol’ Kartodromo! (Or the go kart race track) After a couple of days of really hot weather, it was nice and cloudy, with a bit of a breeze! I was definitely glad! Anyway we had a good time watching the races and they even had a motorcycle show! We took Gracie with us. She was terrified of the motorcycles038 (she always has been, I have no idea why) but loved the kids that came to play with her! 041

I cant help but think how hot the drivers uniforms are! So glad that is 047 not me! They had a DJ there, I'm pretty sure he is from one of the radio stations around here in Ipatinga. He was a lot of fun. He really interacts with the audience, 042 by making fun of everyone of course, and gives away things (like shirts, hats, etc). It is hilarious to watch people running down the hill to get these freebies! He says the first five mechanics to come down will get a shirt .These grown me go flying down the hill trying to beat each other there. Of course, being one who never passes up anything free, if they had said calling all english teachers, I would have been down there in a heart beat!

Anyway it was just a nice day to do something differet. To hang out, eat a popsicle, and enjoy the weather, the show, and my cute little family!

045 046


Danielle said...

aww yay! Aren't simple happy days like that just the best? :) :)

Laural Out Loud said...

All you needed to make it perfect was a cerveja fria! I love how everyone is sitting on the hill. Glad you had a good time!

Anonymous said...

It's so nice to pop over to your blog and read about someone eating popsicles to cool down when all I can think about all day is how to warm up. I feel vicariously warm!

Eve said...

Sounds like a fun outing!
At one point this week it was 19 below here, so I'm thinking a little hot weather might not be so bad. ;)
I love Gracie's little barrettes - so cute!

Fiona said...

this just seems like the sweetest and loveliest of days!