Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's a blogging miracle!

Of course after I published my post, and totally bad mouthed blogger and the Internet trying just one more time, everyone started cooperating and pictures started uploading...after WEEKS of not doing so!!

So expect a few good posts coming up soon! At the very least I'll try!

But first, my precious-es

All ten of them!

And Gracie, who has not 1, but 3 different beds now! Not to mention two soft sided carriers, a hard case carrier, a wire kennel, and her cute ceramic bowls with stand. And treats.

Who's spoiled?

Don't worry, I always try to convince myself I'm not one of THOSE dog owners. After opening boxes today...I so am.

I opened boxes!! It was so fun! It was like Christmas! Except Sidnei wasn't as excited as I was(he is glad to have his stuff, he was glad to see it after not having seen it for a year and a half...My guess is my attachment to my things(how terrible)is a little stronger than his)...talk about bah hum bug!..but who cares...I HAVE MY STUFF! Tomorrow we are going to try to organize all the boxes, take out what we need and pack everything again. Ugh. Let's hope we get a place of our own SOON! My kitchen aid mixer is in need of a home...and use! So many new shiny things just waiting to come to life!!..not like Brave Little Toaster Life...like banana cupcakes and chocolate chip cookies life... yummmmmmmmm


kyley said...

who thought unpacking could be so much fun! :) OH how I love kitchen-aids.....I couldnt live without mine!

Betty said...

Oh so fun! I completely understand and am soooo happy for you! Especially living in a foreign country the "things" mean even more to us!
I wanted to comment on yesterday´s post, but then my internet was not working!! AGH!

Dari said...

YAY I am sooo excited for you! I bet your stuff will make Brasil feel even more like home!!

Gracie looks adorable in her little bed!!

Ashley said...

Gracie looks so happy!!! I know you are thrilled to have your things with you. Maybe it is one step in helping you feel more at home in Brasil! Thinking about you!!!

Danielle said...

Yay boxes! Yay pictures! :D

Yes, we have a Wal-Mart. It's kind of over-priced, but it IS comforting sometimes. And yes, they have lint rollers there! Want me to send you one? :) :)

Hahaha, I TOTALLY buy little ice creams every day. I tell myself, "Ugh, that was so stressful! This little ice cream should do the trick."

On particularly frustrating days, I buy milk shakes. Do you have a place called Chiquinho? I'm not sure if it's a chain. If so, I recommend the Ovalmaltine milkshake! (But be sure to pronounce it "ouvaw maw cheenee miuk sheeki!") heehee

Michele said...

Oh Steph...so glad you got all your boxes! Gracie looks like she's in heaven having her bed back..and that's what you're supposed to do...spoil her!!!

Big hugz and can't wait to see more pics!


Vanessa Rogers said...

It is so much fun to see your stuff. Our stuff has been packed away in boxes for a couple of years now. I can't wait to actually be able to use it again!

Geotacs said...

opening up boxes can be fun... cause you never know what you'll see first?

like a mini-surprise maybe?


Tranquility said...

How very exciting!!
Were there some wedding gifts amongst all those treasures - that you can maybe finally put to use?

Ronnica said...

I'm glad that you finally got all your things! I'm sure it'll make it feel more like home.

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A wire kennel, and her cute ceramic bowls with stand. And treats.