Monday, December 21, 2009

Always playing catch up!

Right now, I'm ignoring Christmas. Bear with me. Instead I will post pictures of my super cute nephew's 2nd birthday party. This was at the end of last month and it was so fun because he was so excited.

Just so you know, people blow out kid's birthdays BIG time here. I think I mentioned this before. It is themed, with thousands of balloons, decorations, huge cakes, and lots of candies. It is quite a spectacular to behold. However, this year Israel's parents decided to keep it simple with just family. So we DIY everything. It didn't take long and they saved a LOT of money. They want to wait until he remembers it all which I think is very wise. The HUGE birthdays here costs thousands of reais. And thousands of anything (dollars, pounds, reais) are just hard to come by these days.

So without further ado, check out how excited this little boy was. He is so stinking cute and has gotten so big since I've been here. It has been fun to watch him learn and grow every day (My MIL takes care of Israel every day Tues-Sat 8-7). And to be honest, he has taught me a lot of portuguese. We are learning together!

Israel LOVES to sing and clap. Here he is waiting for us to begin singing!

Here I think I was watching Israel open presents!

I love this photo because when Israel wants to be cute, he cocks his head to the side just like this!

This is the one where my husband thinks it's funny to make faces and I don't know. If there were a picture after this, I would NOT be amused. Though I am now. But at the time, I was tired. See?

I got Israel "Pingu" the Penguin. He watches Pingu on his DVD. Pingu doesn't actually talk in a specific language. More like the teacher from Charlie Brown. You don't know what the heck she's saying but you get the gist? So Israel is in LOVE with Pingu. He was SO excited. He is still carrying it around and loves when Sidnei will play and make the noises for him!

Singing and clapping to Parabens..with all of his beloved presents on the table with him!

This is the third time he's going to blow out the candles! We sang to him three times that night! He kept saying mais, mais (more,more)! It was so funny! I'm so glad he had fun!

One of the funniest things about Israel turning two, is that you can ask in him Portuguese or in English how old he is and he will answer in English and say TWO (and hold up three fingers)! And if you ask him to say dois, he will say NO! Two! Love it!


Lisa said...

What a cutie!! Isn't it funny how different cultures are; the Asian do not celebrate birthdays until the person is very old.

Glad the family had a good time together. You and hubby look wonderful!

Lisa Q

Amanda X said...

Ah! It looks like a good time. And he is adorable. I love that he says he's two! Thats awesome. And I'm glad he has been helping you with Portuguese.

Miss you!

markuza said...

Happy birthday Israel!

Corinne said...

What a fun birthday!! Kevin loves Pingu too and runs around says "nuuk nuuk" all the time.

Betty said...

He really looks cute, the little guy! Happy Birthday to Israel!
I hope you have a very blessed Christmas, even though I bet you´re missing your family... I know what that feels like. Thinking of you!

prashant said...

I love that he says he's two! Thats awesome.

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