Friday, April 13, 2012

All the beauty nature holds...

When we spent the weekend at Iapu, I spent the weekend looking at all the beautiful birds and flowers around the Club. It was so amazing and they were so beautiful! 

These little canaries are everywhere! Their bright vibrant colors are so beautiful!

I saw a parrot for the first time in the wild!! I was so excited! The funny thing, he was mimicking the canaries song!

This guy stayed by the water ALL DAY hunting for fish. He was pretty successful!

Can you see the humming bird? They are so tiny and quick!

This little bird is called 'bom te ver' I think or 'bem te vi' I dont know something like that. (Danielle, help?) In essence, it means, good to see you. I think he is so handsome with his white mask!
It was a lot of fun taking pictures of everything. There were so many more birds that I just couldn't get good pictures of. It's so amazing to me how many different species there are and how beautiful they can be! 


Danielle said...

yay! yay yay! One more yay! I'm so happy I'm not the only one who spends my vacations taking pictures of birds.

Here we go...

So the parrots are actually white-eyed parakeets, and the common name in Portuguese is "maritaca." :)

The little guy who was fishing is a striated heron, or a "socozinho" in Portuguese.

That hummingbird was hard to identify, but I think I did it: a planalto hermit, aka "rabo branco acanelado". I based it on the squirrel-type markings around its eye.

The bem-te-vi is called a "great kiskadee" in English. Are they not common around your neighborhood? They're about as common as pigeons here.

Then, of course, you know the canaries all too well. :) :)


Andrew Francis said...

You're right, it's bem-te-vi:

Amaris in Wonderland said...

Great pics! Looks like it is a beautiful place.

I haven't seen a damselfly like that, yet, with the red back half! I love dragonflies & damselflies, and always like seeing the variations.

I'd be interested to know which kind of bird that is. Is it sitting on legs that bend "backwards?"

Lovely Light said...

I love all your nature pictures! I'd have loved to see a parrot int he wild...