Saturday, April 14, 2012

My new best friend

I brought this baby with me from the US. It's super heavy, super duty, and gets the job done much quicker. And I've only burned myself once! And since laundry day was yesterday, the time has come for him and I to begin our work. Excuse me while I go plug his pretty little self in.


Lovely Light said...

When we were packing to move to South Africa, my iron broke. A year later, I finally broke down and bought one here! They are so expensive here. Good luck with yours!

Lin said...

Whoa, that sucker means business. I love a good iron, nothing worse than ironing something over & over because those damn wrinkles won't come out.

Rachel said...

I was SO excited when I brought my iron back. It's kind of sad and at the same time not at all ;)