Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Remember how I was such a good little packer???

I thought for sure that I would get to the airport today and things would go off without a hitch because I had been such a good little prepare-er. However, no. such. luck.

So we get there, and the lady takes one look at Gracie, another at my reservations, and says she needs to get her supervisor. Great.

The supervisor comes out and proceeds to tell us that there is no way Gracie can fly with me domestically and then be check in at Miami. There is just not enough time. There would be no guarantees. That I had two options. One: Leave without Gracie (this one brought tears) or two I could wait and take a different flight another day (this one brought tears). No good.

Thank goodness for my Mom. This is a woman who does NOT back down. My Mom told that ticket agent that I had been told by 3 different American Airline Employees, I had come to the airport a week in advance to make sure that everything was okay, and that she better go find someone who can make this work.

Just to let you know this is an hour and a half later.

So we wait ANOTHER hour. Finally the lady comes back out. First she had booked me a flight for the next day, arriving in Brazil on Thursday. Then we needed to wait again. She had called Miami (after we had asked her two hours earlier to do so) and they told her (SURPRISE!) that two hours was plenty of time since they didn't start boarding pets until about 3 hours before departure. So after all this, I have missed my flight to Dallas, all to find out what I had known from the beginning. The prior arrangements with Gracie were FINE. Thankfully she found a flight for me out of Richmond right away. So right now I am in Charlotte waiting to be connected so that I can go to Brazil! So we are on the same schedule! YAY!

Even better news is my first flight was with US Airways. I think the guy saw how frazzled I was, and he decided not to charge me for the two extra bags (I ended up checking my laptop bag too because apparently even though you pay for an animal to fly, it still counts as a carry on...BOO) and he saved me $200!!!!!!! It was definitely the bright spot in my day and I was so glad he did that for me! Thank goodness for kind hearted people! And to be honest, I know my bags were overweight too, so he saved me probably another $200 because of that. I am a lucky, lucky girl. With wayyyy too much stuff.

Thanks for all your well wishes!! And I am sure that I will post later this week! Maybe. I have some things scheduled, but I know you are all waiting for the pictures!

Here's hoping the rest of the journey is a smooth one!

And let's hope all goes well in customs (I'm super nervous about this part!)!!!


Amanda X said...

Holy cow. Airlines can suck it! At least things turned out alright! And you'll be just fine in customs!!! I can't believe the time is here already. I'm crying a little. For two reasons.
1. Now it is going to be a little harder for me to see my Stephanie.
2. Because I'm so happy for you! This is the day you've been waiting for. Now go put that new lingerie to work missy!


Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Holy cow - what a nightmare!!!

Wow girl... do you realize how close you are to Sydnei?? To finally getting your life started.


Valerie said...

Be safe. I haven't been here in a while so I'll be catching up. Hope you fly through customs. Have a good time!

Whitney said...

I detest flying. But I'm glad you got things straightened out and that there were some people with brains who were willing to help you. Be safe!

Anonymous said...

All the best.

Anonymous said...

Aaaaaa! I'm so excited for you!

You gotta let me know as soon as you get settled. Like, even before your mom.

Okay, that probably won't happen, but I can't wait to hear about your reunion.

Shannon said...

Soooo glad everything worked out ok.

Been thinking about ya!

LadyFi said...

Yay - you're on your way! Hope all goes well...

Ballerina Girl said...

i find that I need a lot of patience when it comes to traveling...
and the utmost strength to not fear them! Sometimes you just have to "politely" stand your ground!

Hope the journey was smooth and customs goes well!


AkuTyger said...

Same kind of things happened to me - the airlines aren't very good at communicating it seems. It gets worse in Brasil, just so you know.

Ashley said...

Wow - I'm sorry that crazy lady tried to ruin your schedule. But you got it worked out!!! (And by now you are there)! I'm so glad you had a kind helper to brighten your day (and your wallet)!