Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lagoa Silvano

So back in...July was it? When it was still "cold" (think high 70's and 80's...compared to right now, it's heaven) here, we took a nice break on one of the warmest days and went to the lake!

The lake grounds are really nice. They have pavilions where of course we had a place for churrasco (no get together is complete without it). I really thought the lake was really pretty. The pavilion was set on a hill, so you walked down to the lake, where they have a little sandy beach. I didn't get in the water (never did like lake water chicken), but it was so nice to lay out in the sun, eat (my favorite is grilled pineapple), and hang out.

View on top of the hill where the pavilion is...the slide never opened that day or I would have thought more seriously about getting in!

But they did open the little kiddie water park! The kids came running and screaming! They were so funny to watch! (That is my sister in law's brother and child by the way, not just some random people)

Those my friends are big swan boats!! I was so excited! I wanted to go find out where they were and go ride them. Unfortunately Sidnei had a MAJOR headache and laid on a table top for most of the time.

Can you tell he's feeling icky here? He got off the table top to go home so I snagged him to take pictures first. You can tell he was thrilled with that idea.

These next two were before the sickness ensued.

This really made me miss our times on the beach back home, but glad we have a place here too!

This was one of the craziest birds, wandering around the park. It had a crazy scary scream call and would go on for 20 minutes at a time. I would try to find out what it is, but I have no idea how...My Brasilian you know? I wish I had a better picture of it. It had a crazy mohawk feather thing going on!

Hopefully we'll be going back to Lagoa Silvano now that it's warmed up quite a bit!


Tamara said...

I don't swim in lakes. Or any water where I can't see the bottom. Chicken? Hell yeah!

Danielle said...

Isn't that the funniest bird?!

I totally love looking for birds here and figuring out what they are. Unfortunately, Alexandre isn't much help, but I found this website:

Sometimes it helps!

LadyFi said...

What a lovely lake - and a great water slide! Looks like fun!

Mrs. C said...

That slide looks like fun!

Eve said...

It looks like such a fun day - except for the headache. NEAT - a water slide into the lake? How fun!

That bird is so odd. I wonder if it's related to a peacock?

American in Norway said...

Hugs to you chic!... I remember my first Christmas away... it does get easier.. (you would never know by my last post...but it does) Always here if you need a shoulder to cry on : )

Chelle said...

Lol @ the pic not being of 2 random people...hehe!

Looks like y'all are having a great time--and I love your outfit!! Ca-ute! said...

That looks like fun!

Lindsey said...

Hey Stephanie!

Thanks for your comment on my feels good to hear from someone who is going through a similar situation (although reversed!) I understand how you feel, I felt the same way while I was there, then when the relationship started to seriously falter, I decided (rather abruptly) that I just needed to leave. I felt like I was sacrificing everything in my life for a relationship that was failing.

Thanks for the support! And don't worry, you'll figure out what you are meant to do. Once your Portuguese catches up you will love being mistaken for a local! I always loved that...

Debbie said...

Beautiful photos. It looks like a great place.

Kerri said...

I haven't checked up on you in a little while. It was good to see that you are doing well and happy!

Ballerina Girl said...

Looks pretty there!
and I just love to see the pics of you two so happy must feel so nice to be together.