Monday, October 19, 2009

Parque do Ipanema

Once upon a time, about two months ago, I uploaded these pictures. And never did anything with them.

So now, let me introduce (better late than never) Parque do Ipanema. It is really the only "scenic" or pretty place to walk in Ipatinga. It really is a very nice park and kept really clean by the city. We love to go in the evenings right before it gets dark. We walk around, people watch (one of our favorite activities) and settle in later at one of the many vendors that are selling numerous things, including, but not limited to, hot dogs, hamburgers, churrasco on a stick (beef or pork), popcorn, fried bananas (like little chips), drinks (all varities), popsicles, and (my personal favorite) filled churros (you can fill them with chocolate or doce de leite (or dulce de leite or similar to caramel if you are more familiar). YUM.

Anywho, here we are:

This is a very peculiar. It is a little island with a windmil. I dont really understand it, but I hope to one day see the time when the paddle boats at the bottom are open on the pond you can't see here.

I thought this was rather picturesque at the time...but at least you can see the pond/lake I was talking about.

So of course I made Sidnei stand there (because of the picturesque-ness).

Pensive Husband, wife who thinks she's creative. If I look close I can make out his face in the darkness. In my defense it looked better on the camera screen.

An ending much like the beginning...self portraits.


Tamara said...

That windmill on the island is odd. We have loads of those sorts of windmills on the farms here in South Africa.

Mrs. C said...

I've been reading your blog for a long time and now that I've started my own I thought I would comment here. I'm married to a Brazilian too. I wish I had the chance to live in Brazil for awhile! I would be a little scared to move to another country though, you're very brave!

Elena B. said...

Hi Stephanie :)
I came across your blog a few weeks ago and it's really nice. You and Sidnei amaze me with your strength and adaptability, I really wish you both the best! I'm living in the states, but I have a brasilian boyfriend and am considering moving down there. I was curious, if you don't mind my asking, about communication between you two. You mentioned that the very first time you met Sidnei hardley knew english. I imagine he's improved a lot, but I was just wondering if you have difficulties with that. Do you two still speak in english now that you're in Brasil? A mix? I was just wondering because my boyfriend hardly speaks english, we've always communicated in portuguese, but I'm still learning (aka not at all fluent) and while most of the time it isn't an issue, it can sometimes be frustrating! Anyway, thanks for sharing about your life there, and sorry this is such a long comment!


Lisa said...

Great pictures. So glad that you and your sweet husband are doing well. How is the language thing going?

Lisa Q

Sam said...

Lovely! :)

Christy said...

Love the pictures!!! :)

Betty said...

Great to see some pictures. Looks like you are exploring your new country.

Krystyn said...

Wow...looks beautiful! I love that you are really getting to know the city and sharing it with us.

Fresh Mommy said...

Looks like a great place to live, lovely. I'm just so glad you're together and happy!! :)

Eve said...

Churros with filling? MMMMMMM!!!

mrsmouthy said...

That is beautiful! I love the night shot of Sidnei.