Wednesday, November 18, 2009

They Love Me..Part II

The Mosquitoes. The mosquitoes here range from very tiny to very HUGE. And they all love me. I know I have complained about the mosquitos before.. But seriously people. They love me. No matter where I am they find me. No matter how much repellent, no matter what brand, no matter...they love me. Constantly ALL THE TIME people chuckle at the sight of my white legs with bright pink circles all over them and say 'sangue novo'....Ha Ha. Yeah, that doesn't get old EVER.

But can you blame them?

The last count was 64. 64. That is ridiculous. The pictures just don't do my legs justice.


Eve said...

Oh My Gosh!!! There just has to be some way to make the madness end!

Okay - I did some research and this is what I found people recommending the most:
(1) Take one vitamin B-1 tablet a day during mosquito season - it sets an odor through your skin that the mosquitos can smell, but you can't.
(2) Take a garlic supplement - you won't smell good to the bugs. Unfortunately, you might not smell too good to your friends and husband either. ;)
(3) Mosquitos apparently hate rosemary and marigolds - so both or either of those planted in the yard might help - one suggestion was to boil a 'tea' of rosemary and mint, let it steep for several minutes, then keep it in a spray bottle in the fridge.

Hope that helps!

Lin said...

Oh my gosh, you poor thing! I've never been one to get bit by mosquitoes until I went to Mexico to visit my grams. Wow...I came back looking like I had some sort of skin disease. The worst part was I couldnt wear shorts for 3 months after coming home because I had horrible scars.

I hope they go away quickly!

Anonymous said...

I so totally feel your pain - why are Brazilian mosquitoes so much worse??? I've recently been introduced to a vicious bug called "borrachudo", which actually leaves a bloody mark once it's bitten you!!
Anyway, I have heard that the scale of your reaction to bites depends on the antibodies formed against the mosquito venom. I am just *hoping* our non-Brazilian blood will get used to the venom over time and itch less...
Do you take antihistamines against the itching? They really help!

Lisa said...

Oh my goodness! Poor girl. Try some of the remedies people have listed, you need some relief.

Lisa Q

markuza said...

I've heard that garlic helps... but it appears Eve is much more informed than I am.

American in Norway said...

Poor thing... there has to be something out there you can use/buy to get you through this...OUCH!

Tamara said...

I hear you! The mosquitoes in South Africa are just as vicious. I can sleep next to hubby all night and when we wake up he'll be bite-free and I'll be covered in them. The worst is when they bite between your toes so they itch whenever you walk.

Ballerina Girl said...

I get them too! There are these little no see-um bugs at the school that eat me alive! I get so itchy and swollen afterwards, it's awful.

I can't imagine what I should look like after the Amazon!


Fabiola said...

You, my sister and my husband have the same problem. It seems they love you. My sister ended up in hospital a few weeks ago due to a mosquito bite on her right hand. She couldnt' fold her hands for days.

Try 1 tablet of Vitamin B...and take "a bath" of Off kids. It is not so aggressive on your skin.


Mrs. C said...

Oh dear! I have no advice but I hope you find something that helps soon.

Jim said...

I don't have QUITE the problem you do, but when lying side by side in bed the mosquitoes definitely attack me more than Luiz.

My research tells me that they do, in fact, respond/are attracted to smells. So the garlic suggestions just may work.

I have tried taking a shower with deoderant soap jut before going to sleep. I think it helps.

Frankly, the best solution has been to close the windows and turn on the air conditioner - then use the electric racket to ZAP the buggars until the room is mosquito free.

I feel your pain, girl. Good luck.

Blissful Babe said...

Hey girl! Just got your Tweet request! Of you course you can follow me!! I don't Twitter much...ever, but you are more than welcome to follow! :P

Haven't been around the blogoshphere in AGES, but it looks like you have adapted well to Brazil....except the mosquitoes....

Love you much!!

Rita said...

The problem is that you are probably being bitten by not only mosquitoes, but bed bugs too (yes.). or, do you have pets in the house? They might be fleas (trust me, i know what im talking about- im also what my friends call a "mosquito light bulb" - they flock to me).

If ever you manage to get to sao paulo or wherever they have Chinese stores, try to see if you can find an oil called "White flower oil". it is THE staple that chinese people bring around whenever they are abroad. works well with pretty much any bite.

I remember one time I had around 32 bites on my legs, too. it was HORRID...hope you get better!

Daniel @ Garanhuns said...

consider one of those mosquito nets around the bed.. pretty common in brazil