Friday, January 29, 2010

I’m not the only one sporting a new do around here!

Gracie finally got her hair cut too! She got her first one in October <strike> but since Sidnei has a case of the lazies when it comes to things he doesn’t want to do </strike> and her hair had gotten so long! Sitio Israel random 065

Not to mention the crazy heat all day…it was definitely time! Let me just say, it was time.


Sitio Israel random 061

The people did a really good job this time. They used the machine instead of the scissors. In fact they did such a good job, she’s practically naked. Look! You can see her freckles!


Gracie haircut 001

Needless to say, she was not thrilled with me and would not “speak” with me upon her arrival. But she did give me the stink eye…see?

Gracie haircut 003

Of course I wasn’t very nice either. I think there was some comment about my dog now looking like a bobble head. But I have no idea who would have said such a thing.

Now ignore the mess and tell me these two aren’t precious?

Gracie haircut 007

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Fabiola said...

I can imagine how warm must be for her (and for you for that matter).
It looks like you are settling in just fine.