Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I really enjoy going to soccer games. I enjoy the people watching, the team enthusiasm, and the coming together of fans to root for and support their team. My husband is an avid Sao Paulo fan. I haven't exactly chosen a team yet...I do lean towards Cruzeiro though. They are a Mineiro team and I like having them come here to Ipatinga. I like the rivarly with Galo (though I'd take a little less of the violence please). And I like their uniforms (which we all know is really important. I'd prefer to sport a jersey with colors I look good in, thanks!), I like their mascot, and they use the symbol of the constellation the southern cross--which my Dad named his boat after, he loves, and therefore holds a soft spot in my heart because it reminds me of my Dad.

So last week we went to a Cruzeiro game! Here is proof:

It says Mafia Azul...I just wasn't fast enough to catch it while they were putting it up!
Minas Veste Azul!!!
Sidnei's cousins Andrew, Junior, and his girlfried Maria Luiza!
And of course, the happy couple!

I must say this, they did not play well. The game was really boring. There were no goals, but several attempts. They looked like they were sleeping on the field. Both teams. I haven't given up yet, but next time I go see a game, they better give me something worth watching or I'm going to team up with the husband and go sport the red, white and black (SP)! (Though actually I'm pretty sure this past Sunday, Cruzeiro beat Sao Paulo, because the husband was unusually quiet..and when his teams wins (especially against his family's team..they are Cruzeiro too...) everyone knows it. My husband is a terrible winner. And an equally terrible loser.) But secretly, I think he's a closet Cruzeiro fan. Though he'd NEVER admit it.

Let's hope they come back to Ipatinga soon with some game!


Fabiola said...

Ha.I don't think S. is really happy with his team's performance this year. I know because my co-workers are truly São Paulinos and are really UNHAPPY!!!

I hope everything is fine with you!!

Dari said...

Yay for soccer! I am going to watch ReAL tonight. I am excited!