Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Learning how I do best...

So this is essentially what my MIL's freezer is supposed to look like:

But generally it basically looks like this:

So what's my point?

Saturday we went to the store to stock up on meat since they were a having a sale. Literally the size of the freezer is the picture above....combined with the ice build up of picture #2...there's not much room. So I did what any girl in my position would do! I hit that handy dandy defrost button!

Or at least that is what I wish I had done. Instead I grabbed one of these:

Did you all know there are tubes that are filled with gas inside your fridge and freezer that keeps everything cold?

Do you see where I am going with this?

Here I am happily stabbing away at the ice and the next thing I know, I hear this loud hissing noise, cold air is streaming out at me. Of course the first thing I think is, holy crap! How did all that air get trapped under that ice?! Then the second thing (immeadiately following I swear) was, oh crap, that air has a smell...and that's when I called Sidnei.

He then proceeded to melt into a bubbling puddle of....but WHY?!?!?! would you do that?

So thankfully five bags of ice, an expensive styrofoam cooler, nothing cold to drink, three days later, and 200 reais less in the bank...we have our fridge back.

Expensive lesson learned.

Only me. I swear.

So let's count real quick:

Things Stephanie has broken that belong to her MIL since arriving in Brazil:

1 plaque with a religious saying
1 glass goose, broken in several places...fixed with crazy glue, a sharpie..never to be the same again.
1 blender
1 spatula (blenderized...need I say more?)
1 fridge
3-4 little glass cups (i lost count)

I'm sure something is missing...

I'm also pretty sure my MIL will be as relieved as I am when we finally move out.


Elena B. said...

Oh, Stephanie! As unfortunate as it is, it's still pretty funny :P But I can relate, I'm a total clutz myself. I would have gone for the knife too, so you're not crazy. Hey, you had to end with a shabang, right? Maybe this is the last of this series of incidents?

Stephanie said...

Elena, I certainly hope so! I have vowed not to use or do anything unless absolutely necessary! And I can laugh about it now. At least to myself. Sidnei's not quite there yet! lol

Jim said...

Actually I think it is a very clever strategy to help your MIL embrace your departure. Well done! She might even assist you in finding a suitable place. =8^))

Lin said...

lol...we have a mini fridge that has the same sort of freezer & the hubs did the exact same thing you did when it wasn't defrosting fast enough for him. He also learned his lesson when antifreeze came shooting out at his face...he'll never be doing that again.

rach said...

james is terrified of me doing that exact same thing....but not terrified enough to defrost the damn thing himself. So I end up on the floor for an hour with a blow dryer a million kitchen towels and bowls full of water while he supervises from the computer. maybe i should just use the hammer and screw driver chisel method next time...wuhaha

American in Norway said...

Oh blesssss... I could totally see me doing that.

That Girl said...

Okay, I TOTALLY did that at least twice when we were in Brazil. (You'd think I'd have learned the second time ....)

Corinne said...

Oh Stephanie, I did that too to the fridge we had in Rocinha. SO happy to get a frost-free (in fact I INSISTED on it). Hope you new fridge is frost-free!!

Anonymous said...

Damn glad I did exactly what you did but with a hammer, lol. Love your stories.

Eve said...

Oh. Oops! ;)

The Roaming Southerner said...

Ugh, We all do that at our inlaws...I think it is a type of Murphy's law. That seems like something I would do...I did drop a blender on their newly finished wood floors leaving a HUGE gauge. awesome, huh?

Anonymous said...

Not just you! B did the same thing here, and he`s an engineer! lol.

Bethany said...

Oh no...whoops!!! I totally could see myself doing the same thing if you can believe that!