Thursday, July 29, 2010

She FINALLY did it!

You remember my little sister right?

rach grad

Well back in November she got all crazy and got married to this guy:

rach wedding

Why is it crazy you ask?


He lives in Ireland.


Let me repeat that: He lives in Ireland.


That’s right my friends. My sister took a few months to wrap up some loose ends and moved in May to join her husband in Ireland.


You would be correct in assuming we are a very adventurous bunch. You would also be correct in thinking that our Mom misses us like crazy and my Dad is asking us what he ever did to make us want to move so far away from him.


Anyway luckily for you all she started her very own blog! She is the Expat in Eire and she would love for you to stop by and say hi! She is traveling in Ireland as we speak, so make her blog about the fun she’s having!


Lin said...

Wow...the crazy things we do for love! Congrats to your sis on her new adventure!

Betty said...

Wow! Your poor parents! :) I can totally feel with them, having two kids on two different continents. Then again parents just want their kids to be happy.
congrats on her getting married! I´ll check out her blog.

Bethany said...

So cool! I love Ireland and can totally picture myself living there. Off to explore her blog!

rach said...

haha thanks for the plug sis ;)

sorry i took so long to get around to blogging- and i'll promise to keep up with it, or face your wrath!

love you! (and set up skyping for this weekend?)