Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I have a thing for cows. I didn't realize this until I got to Brazil. I think that is because here they tend to be in lots of random places. For instance, in the middle of our city, next to a busy road, where I want for the bus, were these guys:

Have you ever seen a calico cow? (do you consider that calico? I couldn't think of another word to call the coloring) But I thought he was pretty!

I love the babies even more. They haven't quite grown into their floppy ears. I love the ears!

As a side note, people watching me take pictures of the cows, probably think I'm insane. And I felt a little silly taking them and then taking my place at the bus stop with everyone staring...but they were too cute!


Vanessa Rogers said...

that calf is so adorable!

Jana said...

oh i have a thing for cows...something about them! i always get stares for taking pictures of strange things... par for the course!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't love this post more! I've always been fascinated with farming, as it's one of the unique activities that distinguishes humans from other animals. And I love that in Minas Gerais there is this mix of rural and urban life, such as cows in town, in the street, in the back of someone's pick up truck, ha. At home it was always so distinguishable between where people live (i.e. cities, suburbs) and where farms are or animals live. I like how in Minas Gerais farming kind of becomes a part of your life even if you don't live or work on one.