Monday, August 1, 2011

A good day for soccer

Last weekend, we went to Ipatingão, which has since been renamed apparently...but I forgot the name. Anyway, we went to go watch the Ipatinga Serie B championships. It was two different games and it made for a long afternoon evening. But the weather was perfect, the sky beautiful, and the games were pretty exciting!

Flags: On the far left is Ipatinga, the middle is Brazil, and the right is Minas Gerais
I took particular notice because they replaced the flags with new ones. I was grateful because the old ones were pretty bad looking. I have a thing about flags and respect and etc.
Here is another one here stands for the national anthem. I always make Sidnei stand with me out of respect. I also would like to learn the's a really long song! Maybe I'll make it one of my 2012 resolutions..

The mascot is a know, like our birds .

Fun day! We hadn't been to the stadium for a game in a while, so it was nice to do something different! We are hoping one of these days we are going to win a motorcycle (of course, to sell). They gave away 5 motorcycles during the half times. We didn't have the luck ticket...but one day we will!

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