Monday, November 7, 2011


Xerimbabo is an environmental awareness project promoted every year by Usiminas (the gigantic steel company that owns this town). The create HUGE walk through displays, complete with tour guides to give you information. It really is incredible and a LOT of hard work goes into it. It is free to the public and is open from August to September. Included in the exhibit is their small zoo. Many of the surrounding schools come to see the exhibit. Mine didn’t (but I have already suggested it as an activity for the kids for next year) but Amelia’s did. So I hopped a ride with her! Pictures, pictures (and these were back in august):

All of these beautiful birds were made by hand and with recycled materials!



Look at this huge 3D story book! I loved it! (I would be more informational…except we went a while ago…and now I can’t remember…Amelia feel free to chime in at any time!)


Again with recycled materials: Tree from aluminum cans, chickens from plastic wrappers, wall tiled with bottle tops, and flowers with aluminum cans. That last chicken is made from the little round piece that you push in with the tab…do you see it?




It’s us!

These are the best things EVER! If you stand on one side you see this.


If you stand on the other side you see this!089

And again…


See this is fun!

I couldn’t get enough of them!

Let’s save the zoo for another day…I have picture overloaded you all!

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