Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hello Belo

Two weeks ago (seriously time passes way too fast) Sidnei and I went to Belo Horizonte to transfer Sidnei's drivers license. Oh how simple that sentence sounds. Nothing is ever that simple. Ah well. Even though we didn't get the drivers license we did have a good time! We spent Friday wandering around Centro and the Mercado Central. Which I happen to absolutely LOVE. I taste tested a parmesan that was $R84 per kilo. Seriously. And it was seriously delicious too. Though I think Sidnei about choked when the lady told us how much it was.

Sidnei surprised me, deciding we should stay the night. So we got a hotel, relaxed a little and I made plans to go out with Corinne. Oh how simple that sentence sounds! Of course that is not at all how it worked out. The stomach bug struck and I was down for the count! So we made a night in and it was nice just the way it was. I only got a few pictures because I just plain forgot (which is so unlike me) SO these were from the day I was leaving.

I have been promised we will go back soon, with some formal plans to look around and see all the things I've been wanting to see!


TCMbook said...

Let me know next time you are in town...maybe we can meet up...I haven't seen much of the city yet myself.



markuza said...

I like BH a lot. Our next trip will probably be there, as Lucas' godparents live there. That mercado is awesome!