Thursday, October 14, 2010

How to die from embarrassment properly

Step 1
Take a shower

Step 2
Take your time towel drying

Step 3
Here someone approach the door, but ignore it since the door is locked.

Step 4
Stand pretty much naked in front of your brother in law since the door is not locked.

Step 5
Die from embarrassment.

Step 6
Wonder what he actually saw since you were too shocked to properly cover anything up. (pretty sure he got a boob, if not more)

Step 7
Curse living in a house with others as you slap your head into the palm of your hand.

Step 8
Consider not leaving the bathroom ever again.

Step 9
Die from embarrassment all over again.

Step 10
Continue to do the head into palm as you can not stop reliving the moment of horror. Die from embarrassment.


Anonymous said...

awesome :)

Fiona said...

no--- bet that was a moment you wish you could delete. then again, life would be perfect with all of those bits deleted out, and how boring would that be.

Jaime Wilkins said...

Do you read The Meanest Mom? You guys have something to commiserate about:

Ray Adkins said...


If it makes you feel better, remember Brazilians are much more relaxed about nudity and sexual was probably not a big deal to your Brazilian brother in law, he has probably had similar experiences with other family members and doesn't think much about it at all.
Hope you get you "private" home soon!


Lin said...

omg you poor thing! I'm sure he's just as devastated as you are. Imagine having to explain to your brother why you saw his wifes' boob lol. It'll all blow over soon ;)

Dari said...

ha ha that is hilarious! But I am so sorry. What a pain to have so many people in and out of that place!

Shannon said...

OH NOOOO! Maybe he was blinded by allthe whiteness and saw nothing! ;)

Leo said...

Oh Stephanie. It's just a boob.

Linds said...

hahaha!! Oh god... The only way I got comfortable with the household nudity was by watching my SIL walk around the house sans bra (and shirt) ALL the time.
So maybe you really don't have to worry.
Or maybe Shannon is right and the whiteness blinded him. Haha ;)

Stephanie said...

So I would just like to say, my in laws are VERY evangelical...meaning, they don't leave the house unless women are in skirts and men always use pants, never shorts. Modesty is a HUGE thing. No one running around naked here...thank goodness. Well there was that one time that my MIL showed me her boobs...but that was when I first got here and I did not understand a word she was saying and I was all...that was strange. BUT ANYWAY...

Jaime, LOVED the meanest Mom. I added her to my list.

Fiona- I just wish I could hit the rewind button and re do, so as to cover myself a bit more! LOL

Shannon- OH how I wish that was true! But it really is oh so possible.

Lin- I think he was devastated too! Right after he left the house and didn't come back for about 30 minutes! LOL

Leo- You are so right, in the scheme of things it is just a boob (or so I keep telling myself)...but it is my boob...and I just prefer people to have a beautiful picture of me in the their minds fully clothed.

Linds- *sigh* one day we'll have our own house...but then I think, where will all my blog fodder come from?

Fabiola said...

Oh My God.... I cannot imagine how embarrassed you were. Sorry : (

Bethany said...

Oh no! LOL....reminds me of my brother walking in on me in my BEDROOM when I was putting a pad in my pants...LOL!!!! Told him he should have knocked....

Elena B. said...

Oh no! But hey, it made for an entertaining post!

Lisa said...

Hey Stephanie. I am catching up, have been the hospital for 7 days.

I would have been horrified also. But, in the scheme of things, it will pass. Life would be boring without a little drama!

Lisa Q

Cheeky Monsters said...

OMG! It's so funny but I can't laugh because I feel you girl. So embarassing. :0

Anonymous said...

I will now tell you something I am too embarrassed to post on my own blog. One day a couple years ago I was pumping (milk, that is) (from my own BOOBS, that is) (i.e. no shirt) and the babysitter, a 13-year-old-boy, walked in on me. Like, wow.

Feel a little less bad?