Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ipatinga Soccer!

I love going to the soccer games here in Ipatinga. The actual game is usually fun, the people watching is always fantastic, and I just really enjoy myself in general! This game I had the pleasure of having Amelia along with me! It was her first game! Imagine our delight in the conicidence Ipatinga was playing against Amèrica! That is in Minas Gerais, not to be confused with the United States which is also referred to as America.

Anyway without further ado, here we are!

Ipatinga's Mascot

Sidnei was waiting for the drawing to win a motorcycle! (Thankfully that didn't happen)


This is my crazy friend who is at EVERY GAME, FULL OUT SCREAMING AND YELLING encouraging the players on. He is one of my favorite parts about Ipatinga playing!


Daniel @ Garanhuns said...

Ipatinga is in a world of hurt this season. If they can manage to squeak out 12 points (just win 4 games) they just might escape relegation. They play great some nights against the better teams (like they did to São Caetano, Sport and Nautico), then go to pot against the rest of the teams. Hope you guys make it.

Anonymous said...

Very cute :) Looks like fun. I am still not a happy camper over my soccer situation--I never made it to Maracana before they CLOSED it for renovations for 2014, and they won't open it to the public before. Dunno--kind of wanted to have that "I knew it when..." feeling since I was here and could have....oh well! Thanks for sharing the pics & so cool to see you have a buddy!

Stephanie said...

UGH tell me about it. I have been REALLY disappointed. In this particular game against Amèrica, they did AWFUL. It was the worst game ever, in fact I felt bad for Amelia, it being her first game. But on Tuesday we played Vila Nova ( i think) and they did alright. They won anyways. Here's hopin!

Thanks! It was fun and it is fun to have a buddy with me too! But look at it this way, at least you will have a beautiful new stadium to revel in! And do revel, because it will be trashed after the first two or three games!