Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Why hello there!

So I had a little time between classes I thought I would share a thought with you (though I have many, many when I have some time...school has been crazy).

Today I decided to wear my sporty little slip on sketcher tennis shoes. I haven't worn closed shoes (meaning-not sandals of some kind) in all the time I have been here. (except for the hour or two I spend exercising) Today however, I have worn them ALL DAY LONG.

My poor feet. Do you know they actually hurt? I can't tell if it's from the shoes or from the walking. Also they are HOT. Like HOT HOT. What was I thinking?? My poor feet are DYING to be released from the hot, sweaty, hell that I have imprisoned them in.

Long story short: I don't like the heat (well I like it, just when I have a beach to go too. Also it's really really really ridiculously hot (said in your best zoolander voice, please)). Also, I love sandals and flip flops. And anything open that does not imprison my entire foot. The end.


Eagle said...

Glad to hear from you! I completely understand what you mean about closed toe shoes in hot weather. Barefoot is good for me!

Lisa Q

AndreaLeigh said...

i'd wear sandals year round if I could. in fact, I did when I was pregnant! ha!

Anonymous said...

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Norma Iris Vidal said...

I moved 8 mo ago to Florida and I hardly see my closed shoes except sneakers for walks. I hate the heat too, don't know how long I'll last. You'd think the fact I was born in Puerto Rico would allow me to tolerate d heat. I was raised in CT though. Hablas espanol chica?

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

I can't wait to wear sandals again. It's been a very cold winter...I'm ready for the heat!