Thursday, January 27, 2011

That time I went to Belo Horizonte

Time really is flying by faster than I can keep up with...

So a couple of weeks ago, I traveled to Belo Horizonte to do a 3 day training for school. And I went all by myself!! Which really is huge for a couple of reasons:
1. Ipatinga is small. Belo Horizonte is HUGE (to me at least). I am foreign and still learning the language.
2. My husband is REALLY overprotective...(but if you understood how often I tend to get myself into sticky situations and or accidents, you might understand better...) in fact he suggested that I take my dear MIL...a suggestion to which I respectfully and admantly DECLINED.

Anywho, no big drama to report. Everything was pretty calm.

I arrived with no problems, got the taxi, told him where I needed to go, even got a nota fiscal (receipt) without much trouble. I got settled in the hotel, walked myself around like a little lost girl asking for directions, found my way to the Patio Savassi Mall and met Corinne! After which we drove to the original meeting location (a different mall which I couldnt seem to find my way to as it was in the opposite direction, but dont worry, she was already at Patio Savassi, so it was all good) and ate DELICIOUS pizza with good conversation. Seriously love sun dried tomatoes on pizza.

The next day I woke up early, got myself on the city bus for training. Can I just say, I though we knew how to fill a bus in Ipatinga. However, I have never seen more people able to pack on a bus than in BH (though experience, admittedly, is limited). There was not a bit of space wasted, which of course made me feel completely uncomfortable, as I was all up in like 5 different people's personal they were mine.

Anyway enough of the step by step account. The training was good. I worked with a really great group and had a really great trainer. I was trained for what we call, First Wave. Where I will be teaching kids from 7-9! I'm really excited for this semester! I really think it will be a lot of fun!! Plus the kids learn the fun things, like songs, games, and vocabularly. No need to worry about grammar! And I'm sure it will make for some interesting stories along the way!

All in all, BH was nice, but I was glad to come home. It was lonely at night in the hotel all by my lonesome. I did venture out some and wander around. Found a milkshake place near by that sold a HUGE milkshake (700 ml..the biggest ive seen here in ipatinga is 400 ml...which is plenty, but i thought I'd get my American on and supersize!) and of course I got one. Lime and milk, my favorite! Anyway, I didn't venture out much at night by myself. It made me a little nervous and I have the tendency to wander (or as some of you my be more familiar with the term lost, but that just sounds so negative) I thought it best to stay close to home. And in my final wave of independent glory I did these things:
1. Ordered food over the phone (phone is really hard in a second language people)
2. Hailed a taxi to go home (which isn't too difficult since they make frequent runs by the hotel, but give me some credit)
3. Bought my bus ticket, went home, and got a wonderful welcome home kiss. I missed that husband of mine! And I think he was glad to get me home in one piece!

Here's hoping it opens doors to let me spread my wings a little more and come see some of my favorite blogging expats!


Danielle said...

...beach house?!

Jim said...

Job well done, but... 700ml!? Yikes!

One adventure at a time. =8^)

Stephanie said...

Danielle, I have already started implanting the idea...mentioning that you are moving, to the beach, a little girl time....

Jim...I know. Shameful isn't it. But it was gooooddddd. Though honestly? I didn't finish it all, it was too big and I was too slow :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats! A (mostly) successful first solo trip was such a great feeling for me too.

And hey, we have a "beach apartment" you can come visit!

Corinne said...

so now talk Sidnei in to letting you come back to BH and actually spend enough time here to see the sights!!

chelsea said...

Having a solo trip was such a great experience!

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Lisa said...

Congratulations on going solo! I would have been nervous as a ninny. Good job!!

Lisa Q

Halee said...

I once sent a client to BH from New Zealand! I've just started reading your blog and I'm enjoying it :)

Lindsey said...

Good for you! Sometimes you just need to pop the cherry, so to speak...
It was a good 'first' for both you and Sidnei. For him to see that you could do it and for YOU to see that you could do it.
It makes you feel braver and more confident for sure!

Next stop Rio?

Nie Jiyang said...

a happy beauty