Thursday, January 6, 2011

To Danielle

Dear Danielle,

Last night I found this in my room.



That is one big freaking moth. And he is LOUD. And my husband is scared of him. He called him a ‘Bruxa’ so maybe it’s a her? Pansy. He went on about how the powder that comes off his wings can hurt you. I don’t know if I believe that. Mainly I just don’t like mutant huge moths. And so now, Danielle, I completely understand.

He is up high. I couldn’t get him out last night, so I woke up in the middle of the night with him batting his wings really loudly, resulting in my sleeping under the covers.

I woke up, thought he was gone.


He’s not.


He’s into camoflauge.





I couldn’t bring myself to kill him. He is kind of pretty when he is still. So I got a shoebox (because hello, he’s HUGE) and caught him. While screaming like a little girl, jumping around on my bed. Good times.


rach said...

ew ew ew ew ew. EW ew. Seriously no thanks. I complain about the little spiders we get here. I'll take 10 of those versus mothra. ew. How could you even THINK of sleeping while that was in your room??? it was probably WATCHING you sleep! killing that would be like clubbing a kitten. *shudder*

Danielle said...

omg omg sick sick sick!

The ones we get are even bigger, if you can believe it!!! But they ARE loud, and their powder IS disgusting (but I have a biologist student who loves moths and who informed me that the powder is totally harmless in an attempt to make me like them).

Bruxa is apparently the name of these big moths in Portuguese, not just an insult. Haha. But Alexandre always incorrectly refers to them as "she", too, because "a mariposa" is feminine in Portuguese. I tell him that moths are most definitely "it".

You are very brave for sleeping with that monstrosity in your bedroom. I won't even sleep if they're anywhere in the apartment. You're even braver for getting it out all by yourself. Impressive, congrats!

Jana @ Paper plains said...

HAHA you are so much more manly than I am. I scream like a girl over ants in the kitchen I cant even imagine a moth that big. I really dont know how you slept through the night, I would have threatened my husband to shoe box the moth or I would shoe box him! =)

Gil and Ray said...


Rest asure you won't find those at Vila Madalena ;), I think the big city noise and pollution must kill them all...
You ladies should see the spiders we get in New England. This is spiders wonder most scary movies are portrait up here... :)

Eve said...

I LOVE giant moths! They are sooo cool!
No... the powder from their wings can't hurt you. There are a lot of strange myths about butterflies/moths and their wing dust.

Here we have this strange blue creature. I haven't figured out yet if it's a butterfly or a moth... or something else altogether, but it's actually bigger than the one in your picture, it's a really dark blue color, and it seems to really enjoy hanging out near the marigolds.

lovelydharma said...

Ugh! The dreaded bruxas! The other night I wandered into the bathroom sat down on the pot, and there was one in there that I apparently startled by flipping on the light - it started flying all over the place banging into everything, including my head - and there I was, mid-pee, cowering with my hands over my head screaming for Carlos who had his headphones on in the other room. It was horrible! And everyone says the powder is okay, but I have to say, it struck me in the face and my cheek itched and burned for a few hours after...