Friday, December 31, 2010


I am seriously in denial that it is January again. How does time pass so quickly and so slowly at the same time?

So last year, I didn't set any goals. This year, I decided that I want to.

1. Come hell or high water, I'm moving into my own place.

2. Improve my Portuguese. I've been here a year and a half. I feel like I should be better. I just started taking classes last semester with one of the teachers at school. I'm going to be better about studying and reading in Portuguese. In other words, I need to stop being so lazy.

3. Healthy. I want to keep exercising. My schedule at work is going to be a lot more full this semester. I want to find time to keep going to my exercise class or get out and exercise on my own. More than that, I want to run a race.

4. Travel- there is so much I want to do and see!

5. Save Money. This of course kind of impedes on number 4 a little. But it is necessary.

6. I want to be crafty. I miss being crafty.

7. Last but certainly not least, my biggest goal of the year is happy. It is continually a work in progress for me, but I've definitely made leaps and bounds lately.

And though this isn't a resolution...
Do something different with my hair. I don't know what it is about January and my hair, but every year around this time I get the itch. After last year's fiasco I have been hesitant. Which means it has been one year since I cut my hair. So hopefully sometime soon I will go cut my hair (but just a teeny bit). And do bangs. Suggestions?

Happy New Year my friends. I hope for 2011 to bring all of us health, happiness, and peace. And if it happens to leave some wealth, that wouldn't be so bad either.


Lin said...

Sounds like you have some great goals, I hope they all happen for you!

Danielle said...

Yes, great goals indeed! Good luck with everything. You can do it!!!

AndreaLeigh said...

definitely try bangs! if you hate it, it is easy to grow out.

happy 2011!

Ballerina Girl said...

Happy 2011 Stephanie!

Miss Footloose said...

Travel is always on my list as well. Brazil offers great places to travel, I understand, so you are lucky. I've lived in several countries but only spent 10 days in Brazil a long time ago and really loved it.

Enjoy your new country, good luck with learning Portuguese, and a happy, healthy 2011!

Krystyn said...

Happy New Year. Those are some great goals..and if anybody can do what they set out to's you!

Rachel said...

If you meet one of these, that's good enough for a year! Good luck with the goals!!