Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pico da Ibituruna

A couple of weeks ago, Sidnei and I got invited to go with Amelia’s family to see Pico da Ibituruna. It is in Governador Valadares and it is known as being the home of “vôo livre”or free flight. In other words, lots of people hang glide and paraglide! It is absolutely gorgeous!

Here is our day in pictures!


We stopped about halfway up the mountain to give our poor van a break! It was hot and thirsty. Our trusty mechanics here, making sure everything is okay. (it was)


We stopped a little park halfway up the mountain for lunch and some fun! Here are the guys hanging out in the shade after lunch! This is Amelia’s husband Wallace, Sidnei, and Wallace’s Dad.


Beautiful family! Brian (stepdad), Sally(sister), Amelia, and Leanna(mom)!


We decided to be adventurous and get suited up for the zip line!


This is Brian doing down first!


This is Amelia! (try clicking to make the images bigger!)


This is me, arriving, after I was saying, I don’t think Im going to stop!! (in my defense I came in really fast!)


And this is Sally with her cute pointed feet!


You know I can never resist these pictures. We’re just too good looking together.


Driving…making our way back up, the scenery is breath taking!


We made it to the top!!

Wallace and Sidnei taking in the view


Isn’t the view incredible??


It never fails, no matter who I’m with, I’m always the whitest one in the crowd.




Wallace and Amelia


Amelia and I on the platform. You take your glider and run right off the edge of this! I didn’t see anyone do it that day, but I want to go back so I can!



Amelia’s cute mom, Leanna!!


Everyone hanging out before going home!


We got to see two paraglider’s jump (they don’t use the platform though, just the hang gliders) before we went home! If all goes well, I may be doing this for my birthday! I can not wait!

And of course, thanks to Amelia and her great family for letting us tag along! It was amazing to see and such a great day!


Danielle said...


Congrats for getting out! Looks like it was super fun. Did Sidnei enjoy it, too?

Fiona said...

that is really nice. I hope you get to do it for your birthday, too.

Amelia said...

Yay! Awesome pictures!

Dari said...

That zip line looks like so much fun!! If you are daring enough to hurl your body off that platform, then you are my hero. That would scare the crap out of me! Let us know if you ever do it!