Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas In Ipatinga

I was totally Scrooge this year.

I’m never Scrooge. In fact, I’m the polar opposite. Generally I’m the happy elf. Of course this is a mixture of circumstances. Ones that you are already familiar with so I won’t go there. But, I just in general missed the holiday season back home altogether. I’m homesick, I miss my family and friends, I miss familiarity.

So there was no decorating, no movies. Which was probably fine for my husband’s family, whom do not celebrate Christmas (religious reasons). It’s just hard to celebrate alone. Not that I don’t have Sidnei, I do. But he’s not exactly thrilled over decorating sugar cookies or watching Elf for the millionth time. I need my sister or mom for that.

Anyway getting on with it, I did go see some of the decorations they put up in Iptainga. I really loved the nativity and christmas scenes that were made by Usiminas (the steel company here). They made everything out of steel and iron, which I think is appropriate since we are Vale do Aco (or steel valley).

Take a look for yourself: (and sorry the pictures are terrible, I cant figure out how to take good night pictures)

So at the top of the hill they had a little house with a live Santa giving out candy to kids…it was cute!


004If you can’t tell, this is santa’s factory…


The nativity below…I think the baby Jesus could use a little improvement…


The sheep was my absolute favorite! Look how cute!


Jana @ Paper plains said...

I totally know what you mean. I hated talking about my homesickness because I didn't want that to come off as though I didn't like Brazil and everyone at home was like but you are in warmth and near the ocean?! Still nothing compares to xmas cookies with mom and Elf with all the people that love it as much as you do. I scoured the tv for xmas movies, only one crappy one to be found... I should have brought Elf or xmas vacation with me! But we made it!!! I feel relieved that its over to be honest. Happy new Year =)

Jim said...

They don't celebrate for religious reasons... but I thought you had that tug-of-war with your SIL last year over the placement of the Xmas tree...

Oh well - glad you made it through.

Corinne said...

I felt a bit like a scrooge this year too. This was the first time in about 7 years we celebrated with the in-laws, which meant basically being a guest instead of part of the celebration. That on top of it being the first Christmas without my mom and it was really hard. Christmas is just hard. Best to try to create one thing that "makes" it Christmas and do it every year. For me that has always been the Christmas cookies. It helps.

Stephanie said...

Jana- You definitely need to have those movies on hand!! And Im relieved it's over too! Happy New Year!!

Jim- That is part of what made me so mad. I was putting it up for me, with the permission of my MIL not for her. But she basically controls EVERYTHING. So this year I didn't even bother. But next year, the 7ft tree is going up!

Corinne- Christmas is hard and I imagine it was especially hard for you this year!! And you are right, I definitely need to create my own xmas thing and just do it :) Im working on my funk! And Im coming to BH 13,14,15!

Vanessa Rogers said...

I totally understand. We were SOOOOOO happy to actually come home this year for Christmas. Next Christmas we wont tho and I am not looking forward to it. When u have your own place, in the future, you will be able to celebrate like you enjoy. Merry Christmas to you!

Fiona said...

Wow, that baby Jesus could use a bit of improvement-- what the heck!?!?

I am back for Christmas and am really feeling reverse culture shock of overabundance. After living really simply for a while I just feel like certain things are not really so necessary.

Oh the beauty of baby Jesus made out of two plain rounds of wood. (I joke.)