Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The drive home

So after flying from Richmond to Charlotte, then Charlotte to Rio (I couldnt sleep the entire flight...I had a kid behind me the entire night kicking the back of my chair...and when I say kid he was like 10. I wanted to kill him). I landed at 10 AM local time and I waited in the Rio airport for 11 hours. I tried to get on standby (Lindsey, I should have just left to go have some fun) but was unsuccessful. I then flew from Rio to Belo Horizonte. I landed in BH after midnight. We didn't get to the hotel until 2:30 AM, went to sleep around 4:30 and we got up at left about 10AM the next day. Here is what I look like after traveling for WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY too many hours and going on very little sleep. (And this picture is for my sister who says I only post the pretty pictures of me)

Anyway, I was happy that I was driving home on such a beautiful day. One of my very favorite things about Brazil is how blue the sky seems and how green the grass and trees are. The summers, while hot, are beautiful. Big, puffy, white cotton clouds, gorgeous blue skies. It made me happy! Don't mind the pictures, they were taken while driving (well Sidnei was driving). This is the Minas Gerais country side. Makes me happy to call it home.


rach said...

haha thanks for the tired stephanie picture! you still look pretty though! :)

Patrícia said...

Hi Stephanie, I discovered your blog a couple of days ago and your last posts brought tears to my eyes! You are an american married to a brazilian living in Minas - I'm from Minas (and Cruzeirense!), married to an american and living in the US. Hearing about the struggles and seeing the blues skies and the mountains made me realize how much I miss and love my home state!

Nani said...

So happy you got to spend some time with your family again. Happy that you are home now safe and happy too. It is a long trip huh? It will be my turn to visit my family in May. Too bad it is far from where you live :(

Lisa said...

So glad you got to see your family and so glad you are back home with your sweet husband! Looks like you got a lot in during your visit.

I do think Brazil suits you; you look great!

Lisa Q

Lovely Light said...

Funny, I posted about my trip home to Cape Town from the USA too!