Friday, February 10, 2012

Last days

My last few days I spent back in Virginia with my Mom, sister, brother in law, and my Grandma. They were  really great. I miss them so much already..

Right before Rachael left at the Chic-fil-A parking lot.

At Grandma's.

Me with Gary before leaving for the airport...

Molly and I (she reminded me so much of was nice to have her company at my Mom's)

Me with my Momma

Me at the airport with WAY TOO MANY SUITCASES. The ridiculousness of it all.

The guy at the airport was really great and gave Mom and Gary passes so they could come back and sit with me while I waited for my flight. I was really glad because I wasn't quite ready to say goodbye. Of course the time was just one of those moments that still puts a ball in my throat...

I was really fortunate to be able to come home for 6 whole weeks. I was able to spend a good amount of time with my family and it was much needed. I loved every minute of it and I wish it was something that was more permanent for me. I know one day it will be. Until then....thank you for every minute, thank you for every single thing...and know just how much I love you and miss you all.

At the Charlotte Airport I was able to soothe myself with a Jamba Juice...something I hadn't had in too long! It was the perfect thing to end my trip home. 

Thanks for following along everyone. I know it has been lots of posts and lots of pictures, but I wanted to share my trip and have something to look back on and remember everything. 


Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed your trip.

Jana said...

What a Great trip home! 6 weeks is so special... I actually like my solid time home more than when I used to live in the us and maybe visit one weekend every 2 months.

Lin said...

Aw, I cant imagine what it was like for you to leave after having so much fun with your family. At least you had your husband to go back to :)

Also, I couldnt help but laugh at the amount of luggage you had.

Lisa n Javi said...

Loved all the photos from all your trips, looks like you and your family had a great time. Yummy, I soo miss smoothies.