Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hello my friends from up North!

Here's the thing, I grew up in Southern Virginia. In the country, like an hour from any type of civilization. But I loved it. I have the accent. Listen, it's a PEE-CAN PI. Okay? None of the pah-kan stuff! Kenny Chesney's Back where I come from can make me cry big fat alligator tears on the right day and I litter my talking with southern expressions and a good y'all for effect here and there. And of course, let's not forget Gone with the Wind. Scarlett's famous "I can't think about that right now, I'll just think about that tomorrow" has become my personal favorite quote as of late. (Don't hate, I can't help where I grew up)

Anyway, the thing about that is, is that I now have a problem. I didn't venture up north very often and so I don't know much about it. Now, I have a private student who is leaving soon for Cambridge, MA to study abroad at a school called NESE . Help anyone? Anyone from around that area? Tell me things she just HAS to do and things she should probably just avoid all together! She will be there October to January, so she will be there for the holidays. Any fun holiday stuff I need to tell her about??

Thanks for all your help (y'all)!


Ray and Gil said...

Hey Stephanie,

Gil and I live very close and we are always in and out of Cambridge. We are very familiar with the area.
Please feel free to give our email to your student and we will help in anything we can.
How old is your studend?
Is she/he going to have a car?
Cambridge is not a car friendly place, VERY expensive parking and few available parking.
Bicycle is the rule, every one from lawyers to doctors to students ride bicycles everywhere.
There is a lot of fun stuff in Salem, MA, during Halloween, you know, the wiches of Salem museum, a lot of history all over the place.
Cambridge has a great HUGE Science Museum with 3 D movie theathers inside always playing something different and super interesting.
December and January will be very cold and wet/snowy, so good water proof shoes are important, because everyone walks everywhere in Cambridge. There is subway and great bus services everywhere. There is also a company called ZIPcar that people who don't have cars can rent a PRIUS to drive for a couple of hours, it is very affordable and it's the way to go.
Your student can purchase a subway/train/bus pass for the whole month, it will save a ton of money.
There is so much to do around here, I don't even know where to start.
Please let your student know that we will be glad to help with anything, even when they get here.
Let us know how we can help :)


Ray and Gil said...

One last thing,
Dress in layers for the cold, probably better to buy the winter clothes here, it will be a lot cheaper.
Snow/Slush proof shoes can be purchased at any "Pay less Shoes" for under 20 bucks ;)


Corinne said...

speaking of Cambridge....Steph, come up to BH for Cambridge day! I will be coming back from Curitiba that day, but could hang out after the talk and the hotel where they are holding it is close to my house! get your school to put you up on Sunday and we can hang out after on Monday!

Lisa said...

You're alive!!!! Woot! Glad to see a post from you. Hope things are well.

Lisa Q

rach said...

well i never went there- but isnt harvard there?

Jana said...

Hey cool, Im from South West Va too, hollar =) Where abouts did you grow up? Always fun finding a fellow southerner (even tho i deny deny sometimes...)! I grew up in Blacksburg though, for almost 22 years!!

Stephanie said...

Ray, You are always so helpful!! Thank you so much! I will definitely pass along your email and all the information! Especially about winter clothes, she was worried about that!

Corinne- Im trying to do something. I was thinking about going to the one in sao paulo and have my work sponsor me, but no word yet! If not I want to try and convince one of the girls I work with to go to the conference and hang out afterwards! I would LOVE to get together if that works out!!!

You are so sweet! Things are good here :)

Rachael- yes, Harvard is close by, i told her to watch out, she could be marrying a rich american boy :)

Jana- I grew up in a tiny town called Crewe, VA. It's about 60 miles from Richmond...It's also close to Farmville (where Longwood University is) which you might be more familiar with! And I assume since you were in Blacksburg you are a hokie?

Jana said...

Crewe, I know Crewe! I think I even know people from there that went to Tech... but I definately know it! And yes, I am a hokie through and through =) Have fun in Rio, let me know if you ever come through SP!