Tuesday, September 28, 2010

One Lucky Girl

There are lots of reasons I am lucky, but I truly believe that one of the biggest reasons, is my online community. I have a fabulous reader named Lisa . Lisa has been with me for a long time. For a long time she has cheered me on, encouraged me when I needed it most, and always seems to know what to say to help me. And of course when I blogged about really feeling the need to try the new pretzel M&M's guess who sent me an email right away? Lisa of course!

This is the face of one happy girl:

And this is the face of another happy girl:

I shared y'all! (I'm growing...you know as in my character, not because of all the m&m's!)
You should have seen Amelia's face of delight when I pulled them out to show her! I wish I had had my camera to snap that photo!

So from two American girls, who only talk about all the food they miss from back home(seriously...food is a close second place to the number one(which is our families)...we talk about it ALL the time.)This was such a nice treat!

Thank you Lisa ! And as promised I love for the rest of eternities. Be on the lookout for some Brazilian goodies!


Lisa said...

You are too sweet!!! So glad they made it!

Lisa Q

Rebecca said...

I just recently tried those M&M's myself. They are so good!

Krystyn said...

What a sweet friend!

(And, now I want to try some...yum!)

Anonymous said...

Estou com ciumes.


Eve said...

It's so nice to have friends! :D

Brynn said...

Ok, pretzel M&Ms sound delicious. Peanut M&Ms are my go to comfort food. My Brazilian husband cannot understand my obsession with them.

It's one of the great cultural differences between us. He thinks candy equals dried fruit and I think his dried fruit looks like something I left in my refrigerator for a year. I'll stick to my peanut M&Ms.