Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Wednesday Monday

Today I feel tired.

Maybe it's the overcast weather?

I should feel full of energy, renewed, ready for my short work week. I just finished a 5 day holiday! It was nice, low key. I slept, I played, I read.

So what's the deal with the general overall feeling of tiredness today?

Maybe I have a case of the misplaced Mondays?


Anyway so the aerobics thing is going good. I spent all of last week moaning and groaning about how sore I was. My poor aching body. Seriously people, the teacher does a good job. Every single muscle in my body hurt, it was pretty amazing. I didn't have class Monday, but I had class today..hopefully my muscles will tolerate everything better this week than last! Once I'm accustomed, I think I will start going 5 days a week. Even though every single morning I have to convince myself to get up and go, I really enjoy it. You know, once I'm there.

I'm procrastinating planning my classes. I have procrastinated all the 5 days away, so I am left with this morning before I need to go. One day I'm going to have more ambition to get things done in a timely manner.

My husband is the bomb. I really am always surprised at his ability to fix things. If you remember I have a tendency to break things . I could give you a would either bore you or make you say, "what is wrong with you?" which I'd respond my touch is like Midas's minus the gold. Things just break. It is a curse I tell you.

Anyway, it was Sunday I think (the past few days have felt like they all melted together) and my computer kept randomly just shutting off. I finally figured out that the computer was overheating because the fan had stopped working. So I did what I do best: I googled. (Because I was freaking out thinking about the money to fix it, is there someone reliable to take it to?, what am I going to do without my computer?!?) I found out that a lot of times you just need to clean out the lint to get it to run again. (insert sigh of relief) Which makes sense because the amount of dust in this house is beyond amazing. So I found on dell, a diagram showing me what to do. I contemplated getting in my husband's tool box to get what I need. Thankfully he entered the room about that time and questioned what I was doing. He laughed. Then he got the tools and took care of it.

It gives me all those mushy lovey feelings to think about. I research, he fixes. It works for us. Sure enough there was a big ball of lint that had gotten stuck, he removed, put everything back together and I am once again enjoying the very LOUD whirring of the fan.

In other good news, today I get to go pick up my check. Bad news, I forgot and I only have one hour in which to go get it! Ahhh the Wednesday Monday...til next time..


Shannon said...

I think it's the time of year blahs. Summer is practically over, school has started back and no good holidays in the near future. Well, Halloween is fun, but no time off or anything. Hoping your week perks up!

Lisa said...

This post spoke to me.

I am bla today. Didn't sleep well at all and I am so tired. I need a trainer to kick my butt. And I can break most anything, ie, the molding around a door the other day! Only one side though! urrr

William is my fixer of all things broken by me! Thank goodness or the whole house would be in shambles.