Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Traveling Circus

On a whim one night we decided to go visit the circus that stopped in town! It was definitely different than I was used to, but it was fun. It was a small tent, we all hopped in chairs and the show started. We had clowns, we had the juggler, we had the magician, we had this guy who has a LOT of upper arm strength. He pulled himself up on these ropes and did all kinds of crazy tangles and tumbles. In his spandex. See below:

I felt sorry for this girl. She can hula hoop her booty off, it was crazy. But of course being the only female in the show and the fact that she is half naked and in spandex, subjects her to cat calls her ENTIRE performance. But seriously, she's a hula hooping demon!

Of course we had to have the "Globe of Death!" No circus would be complete without it. Actually I have always enjoyed this...I think it's insane how fast they go and how many people they can put inside. This one held 3 crazies.

It was short and sweet. It made us laugh. I missed the lions, tigers, and bears. And the cute horses that parade around. But it was a fun spur of the moment thing, it was corny, but it made us laugh. And honestly, I love watching the amazement on little kids faces.

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Eve said...

The Globe of Death? Wow! I've never heard of it, but I'm so intrigued I'm going to have to google it right away! ;)