Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I've been Tagged..

Tag...You're IT!

8 Favorite TV Shows
* Project Runway, season finale TONIGHT! I swear if Kenly wins I will not be a happy girl!
* Grey's Anatomy
* I have recently become a fan of Ugly Betty, I watched it from the beginning, its funny!
* Reba-- i heart her.
* Law and Order--any of them
* House
* Sex and the City
* Will and Grace
--PS I love re runs.

8 Favorite Restaurants
* Cafe Rio **oh i miss you**
* Abuelo's
* Chalupa's or Hacienda's
* PF Changs
* Carrabba's
* McAllister's
* Ultimate California Pizza **they have great hummus!!**
* Gordon Biersch (sp?)

8 Things that happened yesterday
* SITS blogathon!
* bad day at work :(
* Good night with the fam :)
* Got to talk to my husband, i just love him!
* Watched Rachel Zoe project **can i just say even though I cant stop watching it, her voice irritates me, she talks like a teenager, in fact the way all of them talk bothers me.**
* started writing email to dad about my future **easier to write an email and think, than fight**
* Talked to my mom **maybe she's coming to see me!**
* I commented my little heart out, I think I hit 75 blogs yesterday..that was a lot of work people! I dont know how you do it! **may i also say, i have a really boring life**

8 Things I'm looking forward to
* My mom coming to see me!
* Going to Hallowscream at Busch Gardens!!
* Driving home from work..**ugh its only 1030am**
* Getting my hair did! **its happening the 22nd, any suggestions??**
* Seeing Miranda in November!
* Ok--you knew it was coming--I can not wait until I can see my husband again!!!
* Throwing my mom a surprise 50th birthday party!!
* sorry I got nothing else! haha

8 Things I love about fall
* The beautiful colors of the leaves--im going to asheville to capture it!
* jacket weather!
* Thanksgiving
* i like the way it smells!
* being able to bust out my boots and scarf's and hoodies! **ditto manda!**

8 Things on my wishlist
* my husband
* my husband in the US
* raise at work :) **again, ditto**
* hair straightner
* Oh, some sort of normal would be nice
* Disney world
*I need a different vehicle...but again, i remind myself, I am fortunate enough to have one that runs, just keep saying it...
* have the money for the lawyer, school loans, and i'll be good.


Wep said...

YAY hoodies and Gordon Beirch!

Ronnica said...

75 blogs? That's nothing. Haha!

Kori said...

I love fall to because of the colors and the smells it brings.

I am so looking forward to learning more about you and Sidnei.

75 Blogs is good for a newbie. lol

Pennies In My Pocket said...

I so would only have 1 thing I did yesterday...BLOGATHON. I have a blog hangover. Hubby thinks I need rehab. I think I just may. LOL


Wendi said...

I really enjoyed this little "speed dating" session with you.
So fun!
I am intrigued by your love story and why Sidnei is still not with you. I will try to read more of your posts to learn more.
Happy Wednesday!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree, Rachel Zoe's voice is extremely irritating.

I could never get into hummus though.

If you get a straightener I love my Sedu 1". I've had several and although it's expensive, it's way worth it. Huge timesaver and works great.

P.S. I bought the cheap ramen too. It's called Maruchan. We grew up eating it, but we called it Saimen because I'm Hawaiian. It was really sad that I knew exactly what you were talking about. :)